Why did I agree

Once I was giving head to my bf and he came on my hair. We went to dinner with friends. He told me to look in the mirror when we got home. There was c** all over my hair face and dress

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  • It sucks when I take my niece to mc d's for a kiddy meal and that happens

  • She (or him dreaming ) must be pretty odd.
    I agree with the poster who wondered about smell and never looking in the mirror.

    You would think that firstly she would have swallowed in the first place then irrestective of what the outcome there was, you would have thought she would have had the sense and decency to look in the mirror while putting on her makeup and doing her hair.

  • Oh, please! You never once looked in a mirror after he came? You never went to the ladies? Were there no women in the dinner group? You expect us to believe you couldn't feel or smell it on you? Oh, PLEASE!

  • Your boyfriend is a j***! He has no respect for you or he wouldn't have let you sit through a dinner like that without telling you!

    You deserve better - don't settle for jerks!

  • Hahahaha!!!!!

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