Dear B****-In-Law You're not fooling

Dear B****-In-Law

You're not fooling anyone.
Pretending to be talking to yourself while talking sh*t about me doesn't work if you always wait for me to be around when you do it.

You look crazy standing outside my bedroom window talking sh*t about me while pretending to be thinking out loud.
If you were actually talking to yourself ,you'd do it in your own house and not mention my name 50 times, b****.

And that creepy little girl voice you do it in chills me to my very core. You're like something out of The Shining.
You're so damn old, I think only evil and hatred keep you alive, like a f*cking reanimated corpse.

But no matter how much you talk about me, I'm a lot younger than you. I'll outlive you by 55 years and forget all about you the moment they put you in the ground.

Being a b**** won't make you live forever. Your body is falling apart no matter how much you bully or nag people.

And that hoodoo voodoo sh*t you do with the candles and animal bones isn't working either.

P.S. I hate to watch you eat. Your saggy, shapeless jowls working away on a chicken leg, is ghastlier than a thousand ghouls.

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  • tell this c*** rag off, G******!

  • ^ Oh yea.. that will make her boil! See if she can face her inner desires and fears at the same time. I wouldn't flash her, but certainly wiggle it around if you know she is watching. But be prepared that she'll take her own disgust of herself out on you. I'd love to be the fly on the wall.

  • I think you should no longer repress your feelings and tell us how you really feel.

    j/k....good rant. btw, in the other post of yours about being lesbian...flash her your t*** and make her really drool. While you are at it...flash 'em this way too :)

  • Give me more dirt on her! I want to hate her with you!

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