Dont understand

What i do to make people just forget about me. I am a good friend,intelligent,great sense of humor and understanding. So,why is it people just stop talking to me? We talk for a few days, may have great conversation-and then nothing. I am not judgemental and im not a b****.im someone good to talk to. It p***** me off that it seems i just wait for these people to talk to me. I say i will not do this again-wait for someone to talk to me,but thats what i end up doing. Is everyone just playing games, or am i too available? Should i start being a b**** to everyone?

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  • This world wasn't made for intelligent people with great senses of humor. It's been overrun by self-centered troglodytes who would rather play games out of fear and make you the bad guy because they're scared.

    I recommend becoming a betch to everyone. It's more fun and takes the target off your back. Signed, a kindred spirit who went the a$$hole route and hasn't looked back ;)

  • A lot of people are going through this. don't take anything personally. a lot of women are suffering this alone and don't know why.

  • Not just women... sweetie.

  • No need to overreact here. There are a lot of people including me that don't talk to girls because we are too hesitant and afraid that we reach the level where we are bothering them. I don't mind a girl talking to me all the time because I am fine with it but I don't know if me texting her at specific time is ok. I would talk to to you all day long if you want LOL. Just saying..!!

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