I love it when you finger me so hard that you make my t*** bounce. I love to watch your tongue flick against my nipple as you f*** me, it drives me crazy. But most of all I love getting spanked in doggy and told what a dirty b**** I am.

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  • My wife love this as well, as I finger her she tells me about the other men who have f***** her, I love the way her big t*** wobble and she pulls her nipples. When she o****** I wipe all her c*** juice on her nipples and suck the and to finish I w*** off kneeling over her and s**** on her t** as she calls me a dirty b******.

    Id love to see her do this with another woman, just going to have a w***, my c**** rock hard.

  • I have never fingered you! Are you straight or bi? If you are bi perhaps we could finger each other. I have found that as you get older there is less emphasis on fingering. I used to love it at school when you would hookup with a boy and he would want to finger you. That was just so good, him fingering you and you jerking him off.

  • Need someone who can be a bit more rough with me though, not nearly satisfied enough! Someone who I can get animalistic with ;)

  • What a wonderful woman - so sexual and able to describe what it feels like to be turned on.

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