My friend owed my mother $18.00 and to appearances he wan't going to pay it back. My mother didn't have to give him this money but she did because he was supposedly my friend.

I went to the movies with him and in order to try to talk some sense into him. He was driving and as we pulled out of the movie parking lot he scratched off.

Two policemen were immediately behind us with their lights flashing. This was back in 1966 and we were in a redneck town if there ever was one.

The two hick cops demanded $55.00 from him which I knew he had but didn't admit he had.

The cops told him that they would keep him in jail until he came up with the money and these hillbilly yahoo cops even suggested I go home and have his friends chip in the money for him.

He didn't have that many friends for one thing and it was 2AM for another.

Finally this soon to be ex friend gave these cops the money and they let us go.

The cops didn't have anything on me so I didn't have to pay anything.

Since he had the money with him I didn't feel sorry for him as he could easily have paid my mother back what he owed her.

We never went anywhere together again and he never got his money back.

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