well... i have a heart defect, and i

i have a heart defect, and i don't really tell any of my friends because they freak out. (i'm 15 can't really expect much more from them). Well, no one in my family really ever talks about it because they are scared sometimes and don't want to scare me. I wasn't really supposed to live to be 15. I don't let people get too close to me because i don't want to hurt them if i "move on" or get sick. Ever since I can remember I get random chest pains.. but i haven't told anyone, it scares me. I don't tell the doctors because i don't want to freak anyone out. I want to tell them now, but I think my parents will get mad at me. I'm just really confused.

sorry, i know that confession was rather pointless.

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  • F*** that...don't want to hurt anyone...being scared....??? Live it up, bud particularly if you might check out early. I don't mean to rob a bank or do drugs, I mean have fun, meet people...memeories are all any of us leave. Make some noise. Be bold to your familiy...it isn't a secret but its not like you have to tell everyone. If you fall over dead in front of then...so be it. They will put you in a box and weep and life moves on while you move to the next journey.

  • lol. Yeah, I know you are right. It is just harder to do than it sounds. I really do think I will tell the doctor the next time I go, I just don't want people to freak out as usual.
    I'm a calm person....everyone else in my family.. not so much, and that is an understatement.

  • I get it. You don't want pity. I advise you to TELL THE DAMN DOCTOR! If its something that can be solved, or at lease controlled then you could open up and receive more love and happiness from your friends and family.

    I'd also try talking to one of your parents about your fears. They know that they can heal you, but should be able to help you.

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