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I wish my drama teacher would stop giving me small roles. I know if I got a big part I could blow them all away – I would finish my scene, bow extravagantly, strut back to my seat and stare into the eyes of the cocky s**** who do musicals ourside of school (something I can’t do because of exams and lack of singing talent) and feel the triumph as they realised I was a good actor.
It's ridiculous - she gave my friend who doesn't even like drama tonnes or Shakespeare at all the leading role in "As you like it" - I would've happily done anything for the chance to play that role but no I have no experience of drama outside or school and no talent that naturally emerged as soon as I started the course.

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  • Maybe your excessive humility is off-putting to her. You're just so low-key about your talent!

    Arrogant moron.

  • Hi I'm the poster - the problem is that we don't audition for specific roles. We get given out roles or volunteer for them. Even when I asked for a bigger role last term than I had been given she declined me because everyone llse said I should take a role (We were doing extracts from Jim Cartwright's "Two" - I wanted to do the emotional final scene that's pages long but I got the part of Mr Iger: a weak timid man who has altogether about a page of lines that i remembered after two hours of rehearsal). I just wish I had a way to show her I was as good as if not better than the two best pupils.

  • Go find a good drama teacher that gives private lessons over the summer, and develop an even wider range of skills than you have now. Then, in the fall, when classes start and it's time for auditions, you'll be able to blow your teacher away with the depth of your abilities. Don't allow this ability and desire you have to go unrewarded. It will require work, but you will love it, and then the reward will be all the sweeter. Best wishes to you!

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