My thoughts have changed

I was so tired of all the drama, i couldnt take it anymore...i stopped talking to many of my fermale friends i am only graduatiing this year and i feel like i have no one to share the experience with. i have my boyfriend which is great cause i really love him and i have a male friend that i am so close to her he is my best friend but i feel like i lost a lot of people in my life...even though this people seem to be compltly out of my life i dont particularly was more bother hanging out with them than it was worth...i dont know if i should try and talk to them again or if i should justleave things the way they are....i feel as though i have just grown apart from them and i dont know if i should try and make things like they use to be..i dont feel like im the same person as i use to be but i feel like i have mad good decisions in you think i should change what i have done and talk to you them again or have i done the right thing???

Oct 13, 2010

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