I left the girl i was going to marry

I left the girl i was going to marry because I freaked out and couldn't accept the fact that i had found the perfect match so soon in my life. Then i tried to get her back and she abandoned me, as well as all the friends we both knew from before. My shame is that the fact that i've fallen below my ex is what drives me. My confession is that I plan to win her back, become a huge success, and break her heart. Maybe I'll tell her which one of her close friends offered to replace her...

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  • anger. denial. depression. acceptance. move on. NEXT.

  • wow that is horrible. its not like she dumped you and then asked for you back..get over it and stop being a p****

  • Why would you want to get back at her if you were the one who freaked out and left her? Men, so typical! What was she supposed to, wait for you until you were ready, or get the f*** over it? Probably the latter, am I right? I mean, what would you have done???? For God's sake, grow up, get the f*** over it, and do what she did, and move on!

  • anger. denial. depression. acceptance. move on.


  • Revenge is pointless when the person didn't do anything to you. In this case, she was the one who should have sought revenge, and she did, by moving on with her life and finding someone else. Let her be.

  • If you do that, you'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel. You'll be compromising your own character, your own morality. And you could make yourself so much better than that. Accept your mistakes, accept your faults. Accept that all of this has happened and forget about revenge. Revenge is without rationality and controlled entirely by feelings, which are mainly irrational. Please do not lower yourself to such idiocy.

  • f****** pathetic r*****. you already were below her. i bet you have a freakishly tiny d***. good for her that she abandoned such a piece of s***. i bet she laughs about what a pathetic f*** you are with the new guy she's f******. i bet that he goes "wow, you're lucky you dodged a bullet" and she laughs and nods and sucks his c***.

  • Why would you want to get back at her? You were the one who hurt her in the first place. She deserves to be above you now. YOU were the one who screwed up.

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