Im only 14!!!!

Im only 14 but i watch p*** and m********* and im not lesbian but i will o***** to alot like almost anything sexual and i have never had s** and dont plan on it but sometimes i fantasize... like, a lot... is that bad????

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  • I am only 14 too. look at the weight just falling off me with worry and walking all the time. I can't much and I am losing weight everyday in bucket loads.

  • Normal and very hot

  • It is natural if you do or don't.

  • I'm a guy, I used to do the same thing at 14 - well, I've been jerking off since 12 & rubbing my d*** against a pillow before that since I was 8, watching p*** & jerking off since 14, and for a short while jerked off to dirty things people told me on Myspace. 10 yrs later, still watching videos. SMH lol. Until I get the chance to f*** a girl.

  • It's perfectly normal

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