Lovely older woman

I am 28 years old and have fallen madly in love with an 82 year old woman. She tells me that I should be sensible and find someone my own age, but it's her I love. Neither of us has anyone, so we are not cheating on each anybody. I can visit her in her home any time and often we spend the weekends in my place just outside Canterbury in lovely countryside. Love making with her is wonderful, she has taught me lots of good things and we can do it while looking out at the beautiful Kent countryside though the bedroom window. The first thing she taught me was how to give her an o***** very quickly by rubbing and licking her g-spot. She is also really good at giving a b******* and loves the taste of my man juice. We just lay on the bed for hours giving oral s**, kissing & cuddling, f******, licking and something else she taught me -> R******!
I am going to ask her to marry me so we can be together all of the time.

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  • I felt sick,with reading this!! My grandparents are that age,it's similar to f****** them!! I'm retching,whilst writing this comment!
    I know age is nothing but,a number.But a 28 year old,with a 82 year old,takes the f****** p***!!
    Do you have a retired,wrinkly v***** fetish?? Are you into,wrinkly,baggy,old bodies and saggy t*** and a****!! Because some 82 year olds,are like that! I'm going to vomit now!

  • I'm 23 yrs old. I absolutely love this spanish milf that lives next door to me. She is about b 54 yrs old with huge b**** and ass is tremendously nice when she bends over and she wears flip flops showing off her sexy feet bout 94% of the time. I've been always looking at her when she comes out. I love when she comes out to wash and clean the inside of her car. She will be there bending over

  • Women have nice bits apart from feet, t*** are much nicer than feet I say.

  • Yeah... Riiiiight

  • She's probably gonna die soon and you'll be all by yourself again.

  • Yes I know you are right, so that's why I want to spend all of the time I can with her.

    She has surprised me recently when we had a few of her friends round for a meal and drinkypoos. They were all females around about her age and she asked me to strip in front of them. I was shocked but if that is what she wanted then I will do anything she wants and so I did. I have to say that we all enjoyed it, they touched me which gave me an enormous erections and I fondled their b****** but nothing else happened. They are coming round again tonight and she has told them to wear sexy underwear - do women of that age have sexy underwear. She has told me to wear nothing.
    I will report back.

  • I am 72 and my last BF was in his 20s. Everything seemed wonderful, I have never had so much really brilliant s**. I felt like a young girl with her first love. I could not do enough for this man, whatever sexual desire he wanted I would do and to be honest I used to really enjoy. One night he came round to my drunk and with 3 of his mates, all drunk needless to say. He introduced them one by one and they all got their things out and stuck them in my mouth - btw not all of the same time but I think you will get the picture. They f***** me in every possible place they could f*** me. At one time I had a d*** in my v*****, up my a*** and one in my mouth all at the same time and as they were doing that my BF c** all over my face. It was a huge spunking so he was obviously very aroused. When they had all c** over me or in me they took themselves off, including my BF. He rang me the next and apologised profusely but I told him to sling his hook.
    In some way the most worrying thing about the whole thing was that I really enjoyed it all and I dream of it at night and wake up most mornings moist down below. I keep wanting to ring my ex BF and tell him to bring his mates round again but he used me and he didn't care what I might of thought. If he had asked me beforehand I might have said no initially but if we had all gone out for a drink and got to know one another then I am sure I would have said yes. I am now looking for a new young BF with some fit mates who are all into having s** with a granny.

  • I am a little older than you and live in Hammersmith, London. I find that these days young men want to s**** old women and I have absolutely no problems getting some lovely young guys to do all sorts of dirty things with me. I really like c** and my favourite is to get c** on me (face, t***, a***, wherever) and then to go into the bathroom and get him to wash it off with his p***. I know this is naughty but these things (and others) are things I have picked up from my young boys who visit me. I think they must get it from the p*** they watch.

  • Must try that sometime, sounds like fun.

  • It is much fun, he also likes me to p*** on him. I once had an affair with a young man and he wanted me to squat over him and take a dump on him. Yuk no I told him to f*** off and don't come back - the dirty little b******.

  • What a night that was, can't begin to say what happened. Those old gals certainly still liked some c***, I am sore down there this morning and so is my a*** after having d***** stuck up it all night. But the sight of all those wonderful saggy b****** was amazing.

  • You dirty lucky b******!

  • Have you any self respect?

  • That sounds like fun guy.

  • You dirty b******.

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