My husband spanks me

I am 40 years old and have been married to my husband for 18 years, we dated 2 years before that. When we first met he was very jealous and demanding but very sweet and good to me. I remember I was driving soon after we met and I made a wrong turn and he pinched me. I got mad at him and he just laughed it off. That’s where I should have stopped it, but I kind of liked it.
If I did anything he thought was wrong he would get after me like a child. Once we got married he stepped up the discipline. He is a great husband and he provides well and means well but he keeps me in line. It’s strange I feel though and I cannot tell anyone because it is embarrassing. He has slapped me only once, and it was hard, but I mouthed off to him and dared him to do it. And he did. I don’t know why I did that. I usually do not talk back to him and certainly do not provoke him.
Just the other day I said a curse word, I said the S word when talking on the phone with a friend. He heard it and sternly said Watch your language. I said sorry and when I hung up he said Come here. I stood in front of him and he reached behind me and swatted by butt with his hand hard and said I don’t like you using that language. I said I was sorry and he said turn around I’m going to spank you. I turned around and bent over slightly and he spanked me h****** the butt. I said sorry again and he hugged me and gave me a kiss and then we made love. He can be gentle or rough in bed and he was very rough that night.
The thing is, he sparks me and gets after me but I wouldn’t change it. I love him and I want his discipline, it makes me a better person. I don’t curse at all usually and I listen to him. He gives me everything I could ever want and I would do anything for him and he would for me.

Today I wore a blouse that is a little low cut, I am busty and it showed some cleavage. I knew he wouldn’t like it unless he was with me, I could wear anything even tiny bikinis if he is with me, but I was out alone and he said You wore that? It shows all your t***. Then he said come here, and I went to him knowing what he was going to do and he said turn around and I did and he spanked me hard, just one seat but it stung. Then he said You’re too sexy and you’re t*** are too big to go out like that without me, don’t do it again. I mouthed off and asked What if I do? He got angry and said then you will be in big trouble.
I’m turned on because I know he will take it out on me later when we have s**. Isn’t that weird!


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  • You're crazy if you think the bible is important. My Christian wife likes being spanked, but, for us it is just a s** thing that leads her to an o*****. She has had fantasies since she was a schoolgirl and is well balanced enough to know that its just the way she is.

  • My hubby spanks my ass cheeks while f****** me dogie and I utter filthy words. With every slaps on my ass cheek I squeeze my p**** muscles tight ... wait for another. He gets excited with my verbals and he spanks hard as I o***** and he shoots his load deep into me ... finishing our session off ! Love it...

  • There is something really disordered about women wanting to be hit or spanked, even in bed, and there is something sadistic and evil about the men wanting to do it. Women should not have to be submissive to evil. The Bible says that the husbands should love their wives, as Christ loved the Church. How did Christ love the Church? By shedding His own Blood to save her, by sacrificing Himself, instead of the Church, to save her. To have a husband who cares and wants to serve his wife, the wife should submit to the love the husband shows her, not abuse.
    Read Theology of the Body.

  • No, it is not abusive. I love my hubby squash hard my b**** while massaging them and as I o***** he bites my nips enhancing my physical pleasure. I have couple of teeth marks on my aerolas ... looks nice.

  • I'm all for spanking when its needed I spanked my first wife we were together for 30 years I started spanking her before we were married the same thing with my 2nd and current wife I've been spanking my women for the last 42 years

  • Yall are f***** up, i get it if its a kink, but you guys actually treat women like children. and even then, studies have proved that spanking children doesn't do anything. and yall love blaming your bible for being abusive, like nah that's sounds like a you problem

  • Spanking yes but not in front off children! Yes my husband is the head off the house, but I have rights too! Comes to spanking, it’s only in bed ! Not in front off kids! That’s wrong! I love my husband and yes I obey him, but he doesn’t put hand on me at all only comes to s** in bed behind locked doors away from kids. We live with the Bible and my husband have the saying in the house! I love it! I serve him ! But he would never spank me in front off our kids! Never! It’s between me and him!

  • Wtf type of bullshit "mY hUsbAnd iS thE hEaD OfF ThE hOusE" what type of white bullshit is this

  • She already said right she lives by the Bible ?! Bible explicitly says man should submit to the will of the lord (church) . And wife should submit to her husband and husband should take care of her and love her!
    Nothing wrong with being religious as long it’s not abuse

  • Interesting what husbands want. I like to show my wife off. I like her to feel on show. Something for me to show off and control. So I like her to be a little skimpy. I like her to tell people she is obedient and submissive. I also like her to submit to being spanked. I don't mean just a titilating hand spanking I mean a full on whipping that is insanely painful and leaves welts and bruises that take several weeks to heal.

  • Did you always spank your wife from the beginning of your relationship? Does she like being spanked? Or does she need it? How often do you spank her?

  • My husband began spanking me on our wedding night. He took me in his arms said he was head of houdehold and i would obey everything. He then said he would show me what i would get if i didntn bey. He then turned me over his knee and spanked me very hard with his hand. I learned fast and we have been married 15 years and I'm expecting our 8th child being pregnant does not prevent a spanking. My butt is red and sore now because of paddling I received yesterday.I'm only allowed to gain so much weight each month and will be expected to be at my original weight eithimn3bweeks after baby is born in have only failed to do this after myn4th pregnancy and he really tore my ass up i was down to my goal e right within days I just needed the spanking as motivation. Also I breast feed my children so basically in 10 years my milk has never dryer up as my husband enjoys nursing along with the baby. Some might think I'm crazy but letting my husband control of all my life I am free from worry and he allows me to have time for myself to do things I like that he approved of. After 7 children I don't need to be spanked as often as I did in beginning and I miss. When he does punish me it. It is always a very hard over knee spanking with his hand or paddle. He has only use his belt on me once. My bottom was so sore he would not f*** me for days he said never again. And he hasn't he can really tear my ass up with his hand and paddle. S** is always great After a good whipping. He never spanks kids. Spanking is reserved for mommy. I would not have any other way. Sorry I have rambled on so I know this life style is not for all but I would not have any other way.

  • Married over 20 years and I've been spanked about 4 times or so. I can say each time I totally deserved it and each time was very sound on my bared bottom. Once was a sound spanking then he took off his belt and gave me a strapping. I learned my lesson and as I said I deserved them all.

  • This post and these comments are sick

  • Then dont read them or give your 2 cents. Its meaningless.

  • My husband has been spanking me too. ..I've had some boyfriends in the past do it too... I think I have some testing thrill of annoying g them but honestly hate being spanked. When I get a spanking ill pinch my husband or slap his face....which gets me harder ones.
    I've decided to hide his stuff to teach him a lesson
    Beside's this power struggle battle
    We get along great

  • The only time my husband has spanked me yet was for slapping his face repeatedly in a fit of jealosy. The first time I slapped him, he warned me not to do again, so when I slapped him again he turned me over his knees, pulled down my panties and spanked my bare bottom long and hard. Soon I began to cry and promise to stop being jealous, but he continued setting fire to my behind until I just lay sobbing and totally subdued. Afterwards he explained why he had spanked me and that I had absolutely no reason to be jealous, because he would not have s** with other women, and I believed him. I know he would not have spanked me, if he had done something wrong, so when we made up and had s** ater he had dried my tears and comforted me, I felt better ande more at ease than ever before. He has not spanked me since, and sometimes I feel like pretending a fit of jealousy to make him spank me again and have that wonderful feeling afterwards. But I don't want to hurt him, and besides the thoughtof how much that spanking hurt also deters me. What do you think I should do?

  • My husband got really upset with me after almost ten years of marriage. I had been being b***hy for a long time and just kind of obstinate and not nice. Again this went on and off for a couple of years. He finally swatted my butt and took me upstairs telling me he was spanking me. I have no idea why but I went quietly. I went over his lap and was spanked on my bare bottom very soundly!
    I actually realized how wrong I'd been acting, the spanking woke me up and I began acting better.
    Years later he said I needed a spanking in jest, I said okay. I guess I wanted it again. He told me if I got it, it would be real and very sound and I agreed. I spoke to him throughout the day and he confirmed that I wanted this. I said I did but taunted him saying I didn't believe he'd follow through. When he came home he bared me and spanked the daylights out me! He really gave me the spanking of my life.
    He said from then on this is how he would handle me when I needed it and I again agreed saying okay.
    In the beginning I received many sound spankings for various reasons but I've learned and needed less in recent years. If everything is going well I've realized my husband will still paddle me soundly at least once a year saying "Things are going well and we're going to keep it that way!" I think this has worked very well for us over the years. VA.

  • We recently started DD. It’s already helping. My hubby of over 10 years spanks me several times a week. He tore my booty up last night (still sore).

  • I am actually reading this with a very very sore butt. I got his belt yesterday.

  • You would have other things sore if you were my wife

  • So hot

  • What did you do to get the belt?

  • I failed to do something ask me to do and he blistered my bare butt

  • Why do I have an erection while reading this

  • Omg I know right? These blogs are my p*** so f***** up

  • My hubby and I have been married 20 years. And he has always spanked me. Usually always with belt or paddle. He has spanked me in front of friends and family as well. I love it keeps me line.

  • Are you embarrassed too be spanked in front of your family and friends?

  • Spank me.

  • Every woman needs a spanking and I'm happy to give them out.

  • You're sick.

  • U sound like a predator

  • Do you spank your wife? How often? How long have you been married?

  • I need a spanking.

  • Would love to spank you otk knickers taken down until your bottom is red raw

  • I will give you a good spanking

  • I can give you a spanking

  • Many wives have found that it is very good for them to have a husband who lovingly disciplines them. feel blessed.

  • I have been disciplining my wife throughout our marriage, and she understood from the start that she is submissive to me and that I will correct her with a spanking. She is spanked, usually with a belt or paddle, for disrespect, disobedience, or serious irresponsibility. She needs to undress, kneel before me to be verbally corrected, then go over my knee to get spanked hard and lectured firmly.

    I have seen the benefit, including some past behaviors disappear, and the immediate responsiveness she shows to me after being spanked. Any conflict also disappears quickly after she goes over my knee. As others have pointed out, a spanking clearly reestablishes the man's leadership, and the wife's softness to him. After many years of peaceful and happy marriage, I have never regretted bringing discipline into our marriage. I would not want to be without it.

  • How long have you been married? Do you spank your wife only at home or would you do so in public if the situation warranted it?
    Thank you for sharing your experience in domestic discipline.

  • Does your wife feel better after her spankings and discipline? I imagine there would be relief afterward. Is this the only form of punishment that you use?

  • Great! I am there also....need a good spanking and a lot of love.

  • I have always had bare bottom spankings That is the best way to do it I some times walk around the house bare bottom showing My husband laughs and before I know I am over his knees Sometimes he used the wooden ruler or hairbrush This stings good and I like it Give me more

  • There's been times where I stayed bare for a while after having been spanked also. He even had me finish cleaning (what I promised to have done and didn't) with my red butt bare.
    I admitted that a spanking seems to work for me sometimes but wanted to find a way to get it prior to really acting up or getting rude. (Which I think I would end up doing to provoke a spanking.) But I was embarrassed to ask for it.
    We have signals now, I'll leave a belt on the bed or the wooden brush out of place, such as on the counter. My husband at some point after seeing my signal gets firm and takes me in hand. It works great in addition to if he finds something to spank me for.
    But my big sign that I want s** and some sort of spanking is to walk around bare Bottomed!

  • I am a twenty three year old wife and I agreed to be spanked when we got married six months ago. My dad told my husband he needed to control me with a firm hand so that is what he does. I’m his little girl now, he takes great care of me but he is also strict with me, and at least once a month I have a very sore bottom. I am always spanked on my bare bottom having my skirt and knickers removed ( I am not allowed to wear tights) then lectured on my behaviour before going over his knee for a hand spanking after which I am not allowed to to redress but must remain naked below the waist for the rest of the day. He has my pubic hair waxed fortnightly which sometimes leads to embarrassment if exposing my rosey red cheeks to the beautician and having to admit that I have been a naughty girl to her. Lynne.

  • I am sitting at work with a sore ass as I write this. My name is Michelle I am 45 my husband is 46 we have been married 25 years and he has spanked me and disciplined me since we met. He only uses a belt or paddle and always on my bare ass anytime he wants. I got a speeding ticket yesterday morning on my to work, and when I got home he was waiting for me with his belt. He made me bend over our table and pull my skirt up I got 30 hard licks until I was crying. I had to count every lick. After my whipping I had to stand in corner and I got grounded for 1 week. We also have 3 kids all girls and all teenagers they know our lifestyle. I think it’s ok. I have had to whip them. I like my punishments we go to bed he punishes me harder and takes it out on my p**** which he owns

  • I commented earlier, I started getting spanked after ten years of marriage. I've got it with his belt only a few times for more serious stuff. Wow it stings!
    If he warns me to stop something or asks if I want an a** whipping, I know he means the belt and I quickly settle down. We were out once and I'd been drinking and getting feisty.( I don't know why sometimes I taunt him if it's been a while and I'm thinking about getting spanked.) He said to me "Does somebody need an a** whipping?"
    I got smart and said I may need a little spanking. He assured me if I didn't settle down I'd get a good spanking and I might get my butt whipped too!
    Long story short I didn't settle down and taunted him saying he wouldn't F****ng dare! (don't often curse) He said We'll see.

    I wanted a spanking and I got one before we even got home! It was in the car, pretty soundly then he made me suck him. I felt very submissive.
    Went home, got naked and ready for bed and s**. He took his belt and gave me the a** whipping he told me I needed. Quite the a** beating for a naughty girl, I felt it for two days! VR

  • I'm not the one with kids, and I agree kids should not be involved or see this in any form. VR

  • Ur sick and someone needs to call child services on you. Its one thing to let ur husband spank you. Thats fine. But for kids to know about it? That's. Sick. You're warping their minds and should be taken away.

  • That child service is wrong, that’s why so many kids are screwed up, discipline is important, 30 years ago you didn’t have children service, you got a spanking and I’m ok today, none of my kids have been arrested, they work hard and enjoy life

  • Have to totally agree, not for kids to be part of. VR

  • Agreed

  • In our home, my wife does all the spanking, me included. She strips me, or catches me coming out of the shower & puts me over her knee, then spanks to her satisfaction. Sometimes, she'll pull the covers down in the morning (I sleep naked & on my stomach), sit on my shoulders & spank me awake. markiee

  • My wife uses a hard wooden hairbrush on me regularly and never stops until I am crying. I hate to go to they gym after a spanking as the marks stay a few days and everybody can guess I got spanked.

  • If we would live our lives by the way the Bible talks about, and follow God, we wouldn't have the BS we have in this country as much as we do. Marriage is the same way. If men would follow their role and encourage women to follow theirs, and women would follow their role and encourage men to live theirs as the Bible direct us to live, we wouldn't have all of this divorce. And it's a man's right under God to keep Authority in his home. As the church, the body of Christ, obeys Christ as our husband, the wife should obey her husband. And as Christ does, whether you believe it or not, but does discipline his bride, Believers in Jesus Christ, the husband has the right to discipline his wife. What good is having Authority if you can't use it. Christ will use his authority on us, especially during judgment. Therefore the husband has a right to use his authority, and even spank his wife when she disobeys. Don't like it, it doesn't matter. the Bible is the only opinion that matters,
    not yours.

  • People like you love to speak for the bible and say dont like it or like it so to shut down thr truth. the bible even warns men that is=f they treat their wives harshly their prayers will be hindered. colosians 3:19 and 1peters 3:7. a husband is to lead by love and servanthood leadership not some sick kind of superiority. the bible stells men not to forget that their wives are equal heirs with them in christ. she submits to her husband as to christ, but not worshiping her husband. she is accountable to God for her discipline not to her husband. stop twisting the bible to fit in ur sick lifestyle. the bible says in 1timothy 3:6 that false teachers are also those who worm their way into women households and gain control over women who are loaded with sins and swayed by their evil desires. the bible refers to women like you as weak, gullible silly and with no understanding of the word of god upon your life so next time you are getting spanked think about how you have failed yourself by undermining the gift of wisdom and understandin god has dresed a christian wife with proverbs 31.

  • Since you bring the Bible into this, please show me the scripture references that you rely upon.
    King David denied his first wife, Michal bat-Shaul, s** and therefore children for the rest of her life. This is directly opposed to the attitude that God (YHVH) displays toward s** and marriage throughout the Bible. Apostle Paul repeats this in 1 Corinthians 7 when he commands husbands and wives to have sexual intercourse whenever either so desires (subject to the guidance of Scripture) and not to skip s** for very long, “lest you be tempted.”
    The Scripture contains the proverb, “It’s better to live in the corner of the rooftop (their houses had flat roofs) than with a brawling woman in a wide house.” I can't think of any passage that endorses spanking one’s wife.

  • Yes I obey my husband is in charge like the Bible says. Not only does he spank me he uses his belt

  • My husband and I have practiced CDD for 2 years now. He paddles/belts me and takes away certain previlages. I have a daily routine starting with bible study in the mornings and I've skipped a few days and he made me copy the bible for an hour. He usually comes up with alternative punishments but has used the paddle and belt.

  • I too am spanked. My husband is the head of our family and I chose to obey him. He spanks me when it’s called for. It makes me a better person. I love being held accountable and I love the authority he has over me.

  • My husband spanked me for the first time a few days ago. He bared my bottom and spanked me long and hard, and I screamed and yelled, but finally I just lay there sobbing and apologizing for having slapped him in a temper tantrum. After the spanking he took good and loving care of me, and soon we were both in the mood for some wonderful s**. I told him later in bed that the spanking had hurt something awful, and that I hoped he would not make a habit of spanking me. He promised only to do it when I had really done something bad to deserve it, and I accepted that and now love and respect my husband even more than before, because I know he is able and willing to spank me, if I do something really bad. And even though my bottom is still a bit sore and the spanking really hurt, I also remember how sweet and caring he was afterwards. So all in all I love him even more now, but I hope he will not spank me again soon - but as he says, I can always behave, so I'll try to do that - at least for a while, because it's not always easy, and the first spanking made me love even more - afterwards.

  • Does my husband have to spank me in front of our kids? if so why? and why do I need to be nude?

  • Yes. apparantly your husband believes in you being spanked w your kids watching. im the same type of husband. and yes it must be fully nude

  • Do you have boys or girls

  • That should not be happening. If you're into the Bible then show the verses pertaining to how wrong that situation is.

  • My hubby has whipped me in front of our daughters many times. They are teenagers and the understand that if i disobey the rules then I get daddy’s belt. They too have been disciplined mainly by me but it’s always bare bottom for us all

  • This is a dude. It's not real.

  • How did it go?

  • Pid

  • My husband just decided all three of my stepsons who are all teen boys will get to watch tomorrow night when he spanks me. he has already told me that I will have to have this spanking wearing nothing and all three boys will see me nude. he also says he wants to spank extremely hard so I will cry. ive agreed and accepted the punishment. just makes me nervous

  • I think your stepsons shoukd be taking turns spanking you too

  • I do not think this is right at all, with the teenagers watching this.

  • I think this is very wrong.

  • I find it interesting the different way adults view spanking other adults. For me I want my wife to be submissive and obedient. I get turned on spanking her and I like her to accept the pain as a demonstration of her submission. But she is an adult and the idea of her behaviour being controlled through fear of physical punishment seems to imply a degree of immaturity on her part.

  • It's never immaturity on your part. It's you leading the home as her Authority. There's never immaturity when you're doing it for her benefit and to help her become a better person. It's not abuse when your spanking her on the butt and she deserves it. I don't care what people think, they don't matter. That's my feelings on it.

  • My husband spanked me lastnight. I feel a lot better now though. I wasn't listening to him about taking someone money well I got ahead of myself and told that person to meet me before my husband said it was okay. He told me not to do anything with that money until I heard from him and I did something I wasn't supposed to with it now I'm restricted to the bedroom and I got a spanking from my husband last night I hope he doesn't give me another spanking before bed but I think he's going to. I haven't been aloud to get out of bed today and he is making me wear a diaper I'm not allowed to get out of bed until he says I can I know not to get ahead of myself again I learnt my lesson I love you my beautiful husband. I'm sorry I disobeyed you. I won't do it again. It dose make me a better person and Wife when he punishes me and spanks me I feel so much better emotionally too.

  • I hate wearing a diaper after a spanking!

  • How often do you have to wear diapers? Is this always part of your punishment? I am required to wear mine every night because my husband is a light sleeper and doesn’t want to be awakened during the night by me getting up and going to the bathroom. At first I found it to be humiliating but now that I’m used to it, it doesn’t bother me so much. I don’t like wearing them in public though and that is part of my punishment on occasion.

  • My husband paddles,belts and grounds me. We practice CDD & have for 2 years. I am only allowed to wear skirts and dresses except around the house and have a daily routine starting with bible study first thing in the morning. I have skipped the last two days and now I'm grounded. I had to copy from the bible for an hour today for slacking.

  • My wife does not get any clothing priveleges at our house. I enforce full nudity for her at all times. it seems to be very effective as far as im concerned. im debating if I should make this a permanent rule for her.

  • That is not right

  • When we are alone my husband does this. He’ll give a chores I have to complete in the nude as well. Also, I’m not allowed to wear any clothing to bed, ever. He makes our decisions, provides structure and discipline for me. We have a great marriage and it makes me a better person! I love the control and authority he has over me. I love how submissive I am to him and how obeying him comes natural.

  • I love my husband’s dominion over me. I gave it gladly. I know that he will make all the decisions and rules for our life. I am required to show respect and deference to him at all times. If he feels I need a spanking, I receive one. If I fail to show gratitude and appreciation then I’ll get another. He requires submission and if he thinks I’m departing from that rule, he will bring me back in line. Examples of how he does this include me wearing diapers or an a*** plug when we are out on public, Him asking me publicly for others to hear if my diaper needs changing and lots of spankings and corner time afterwards.

  • My husband spanks me. My behaviour isnt being controlled through feat of physical punishment. I have four rules that I have to follow at all times. I try my best to follow them but i break them sometimes. I know if I break the rules I get a spanking. I dont fear the spankings t hgv at husband gives me. I know that he will not give me more then I can handle. I do get nervous when I know I'm going to a spanking but I dont fear it. I love submitting to my husband this way.

  • When I have spanked my wife - bare-bottomed and otk - she has always made a lot of fuss while the spanking takes place, but afterwards she just wants to be cuddled, kissed and made love to. She respects me for spanking her, when she deserves it, and I respect her submitting to it - not during the spanking, when the flat of my hand hurts her bare bottom, but after the spanking when we forgive each other and she tearfully confesses that she loves me all the more for punishing her with a long and hard spanking, when she deserves it, and we are always very much male and female when we make up and make love after her spanking.

  • My husband and I have been married for over a year now and he has never spanked me but he has been gone for a while now on personal business. When I talked to him on the phone yesterday he said I am in trouble with him when he gets home and was going to spank me for the first time and I will be restricted to my bedroom. He said he will explain what I did when he gets home. He promised me that he would never spank me with anything other than his hand. I'm worried about it because I don't know what I did and I know how strict he is on me. I'm not allowed to even walk down the street by myself with out him. He said that it is dangerous I I will not allow you to go anywhere without me. He is good to me and I love him very much and respect his diction to spank me when he gets home but really scared of it. How will I feel emotionally after he spanks me can anyone tell me what to expect after? I'm 35 and he is 52 year's old. I was the one who agreed to this in our marriage but he has never done it before. So yeah I'm waiting for my first discipline bad part is I have 4 more months to think about why he is going to spank me when he gets home and what it is I did I'm puzzled about it. Can another woman email me and tell me what to expect after the spanking? My email address is thanks hope to hear from another cdd wife.

  • Put you over my knee take your panties down and smack your bottom good and proper

  • How was it?

  • I was just spanked by my husband. I sit here with a sore red bum. I feel I deserved it. He only uses his hand on my bate bum

  • The anticipation is an important part. its just something you have to experience. no one can tell you haw it will be for you. if you have the right attitude it will bring you closer though.

    i do think he should tell you what you did though, so you can make sure not to repeat the act.

  • I want my husband to have the control of what I do. We are both Christians and I beleave all married women should follow her husbands rules or be treated like a little girl. Yes I let him spank me or put me in the corner for the way I am sometimes. I need the structure of the discipline. Everyone is different and needs to find what works for there relationship.

  • I dont unerstand why people feel the need to justify this act with bible. if spanking you arouses you then go ahead but dont justify it with the bible nowhere does it say husbands should spank their wives? do you not fear God to insult his word ike that? if the bible was clear enough to say spare the rod and spoil the child why would it dilly dally when it came to husbands and wives. why do you turn something that was meant to be beutiful into a sick fetish and the arrogancy that comes with it phrases like that is wat it says like it or not simply because you have no basis for ur claim. if that s*** turns you on please get spanked till ur ass explodes for all we care but do not put false teaching out there. the bible says there is severe punishment for that. a marriage relationship is a consensual relationship between two adults and it is divine. it is not similar to parent/child, master/servant or government/citizen. that is what it says leave your father and mother join to your wife become one. thats why God is strict about anyone seperating two people or any one joining them. the bible is strict to marriage because its a covenant with God. he expects wives to submit and ensure they submit it does not tell husbands to make sure their wives are submissive. it tells husbands that their prayers will be hindered if they treat their wives harshly. so why do you promote heresy to the world that may not know God. the bible tells husbnds to love their wives as their own flesh adding that you dont HURT your own flesh but clothe it and feed it. meaning if he is spanking you he better be spanking himself as well otherwise what you are doing or desiring is not biblical. you are a h**** wife that gets h**** when spanked nothing to do with submisson and if you think that is submission sweetie you are dumber than you think coz the bible gives women the responsibility of making sure she herself ensures her submission to her husband and she is accountable to God not her husband.

  • I have been spanked three times in 30 years, only by his bare hand. We discussed it beforehand and mutually agreed it was a fair punishment. All times, my panties were pulled down and he would put me over his knee with my bottom up and head low to floor and I had very hard swats until he felt my bottom was red/warmed enough, which could be up to ten minutes. It was miserable. I only accepted it because I had one bare bottom spanking at 15 for the reason of mouthing off to my parents one toi many times and it worked. My husband spaned me always for arguments when I swear at him. My temper is much calmer now so I don't anticipate one again.

  • Spanking your wife or girlfriend is coming back in vogue as more
    men realize that women want men to act like real men and not
    accept their unacceptable behaviour sometimes. Women are never
    ore feminine and men never more masculine than right after he has
    had her over his knees for a sound bare-bottom spanking. During the
    aftercare with making up and making love they come to feel closer
    to each other and to their true identity as man and woman than any
    other time.

  • I totally agree that women and men are always extremely feminine and masculine during and after he has spanked her bare bottom. She may cry and beg to let her off, but the man must do it properly, so that she remembers the spanking as a valuable lesson. After the spanking it is important that he takes good care of her and that they tell each other that they are forgiven and can make up and make love with a clean conscience. But it is important that he spanks hard and long enough to make her think twice, before she disobeys him on an important issue again.

  • That is also my experience. I have only spanked my wife a few times,
    and she definitely does not like it while it goes on, and she starts by
    fighting me, but eventually she gives in and judt lies over my knees
    sobbing and apologizing. After the spanking she sits on my lap - very
    carefully, and we assure each other of how much we love each other.
    And when we make love a bit later we never feel and act more like a
    woman and a man. So spanking works for us - my wife tries to avoid
    them, because they hurt a lot, but at the same time she likes me to
    take her in hand - and over my knees - when she has done something
    to really deserve a spanking, because she feels more at ease with a
    clean conscience when her bottom has paid the price for her behaviour,
    and we are really good at taking care of each other after such a spanking.

  • Men who love their women and spank them when they deserve it would
    never hit, kick or beat them any other way. The wife - or girlfriend as the case may be - get at hot bottom and maty have problems sitting comfortably
    for a day or two, but the man always makes her feel that he loves her - both
    during and after the spanking. And more often than not they love and cherish
    each other all the more afterwards.

  • Men who spank their wives and girlfriends generally care a lot about them and want to be proud of them as women, and women who get spanked by
    their men are angry at first, but soon it turns to love and wanting to make up and make love - and deep down these women are more feminine than other women and deep down they are also proud that their men are strong and determined and male enough to take them over their knees when they need it.

  • No reason to be ashamed. A lot of women feel that they benefit
    from an occasional spanking from their husbands, and women are
    never more feminine and men more masculine than after he has
    spanked her and they make up and make love.

  • You and your husband have been together long enough that you should know how you really feel about each other. If things are ok in other areas, just enjoy being spanked. Life's too short for guilt over something that's nobody else's business.

  • Exactly, nowadays there is no reason for girls to be ashamed because they get spanked by their partners. Even if they don't want or like the spanking, they accept it as a necessary part of their life together - and most girls like part of it, especially the aftercare and feeling free of guilt - and anyway if a girl does not accept it, she can tell him to stop or leave him.

  • This is boasting rather than confessing.

    Enjoy being spanked.

    I enjoy both spanking and being spanked.

  • Some people deserve spanking and a good hit.

  • .....sometimes...................a b**** just need a beating........

  • Remember how you disciplan your wife is how god is going to discipline you

  • Wow...

  • I spank laurey when needed


  • Too much, just a bit

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