Drunk mom

My mother is a pass out cold drinker. So from the age of 13 to about 19 everytime my mother drank and passed out I would feel her up and touch her. After about a year went by I started having s** with her. She never once woke up or said anything about all the c** inside of her and on her.

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  • I was 15 when I did my mom she woke up I was afraid she would be mad but we had the best time of my life. I'm now 27 and we still get together now and then.

  • This is my real life story when I was a teenager and Mom would get so drunk I was able to do anything I to do with her. She was the first grown up woman I saw nude the first one I felt up touched tasted and had s** with. She has so drunk I would show my friends nude pictures of her and mom has no idea that my friends have seen her completely naked and they j*** off looking at her nude pictures. I would love to see my friends feeling her up and have s** with her in front of me so I can take pictures. I would love to blackmail her for s** whenever I wanted to use her when she is awake and she knows that her son is having s** with her

  • That is so cool. I wish I could have had the chance to do that with my mom. Just thinking about being able to see her nude feel her up and have s** with her would be a dream come true.

  • That's rape but hey I would love to be able to experience s** with my mom

  • I really loved to feel her up and have s** with my drunk mother. Mom never said anything to me about all of the sperm I left inside of her v***** and on her body and bed sheets. I'm sure she knows what sperm looks like feels like and tastes like from me putting my sperm on her lips and tongue so many times. I really appreciate her drinking problem after I discovered she was a black out then pass out cold drunk. This was the greatest experience in my life being able to experience s** with my drunk mother when I was a teenager

  • I was so young I didn't even know what rape was. This all happened when I was 13 back in the 70s. Looking back on it now I totally understand but back then at that age all I wanted to do was learn about the opposite s** and she gave me the perfect opportunity. She was the first grown up woman I have ever seen nude felt up and had s** with in my life. It was the greatest experience of my life to this day

  • You go boy... I would love to have s** with my mom but she never drinks but I'm thinking about putting sleeping pills in her food and drinks so she will fall into a very deep sleep and I can do whatever I want to do with her. She is just over 60 but looks great and I would love to suck on her nipples and c** deep inside of her v*****

  • Damn!

  • As a Mom I can tell you that your Mom knew everything you did but apparently she enjoyed it and acted like she was asleep.

  • Thats exactly what my mom said she let it happen it wasn't because she was drunk she wanted to see how far i would go

  • Have you ever wanted to experience s** with your son? Or have you already?

  • Do you think so? She never said anything to me about it and I think she was so drunk she had no idea what I was doing with her.

  • Would you like it if your son felt you up and had s** with you ? Sounds like you wouldn't mind

  • Can you share me a pic of your mom?

  • Latinlatins@yahoo.com

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