Mothers should never let their children down

I walked in on my mother in a conversation with her neighbor talking about the big O. When I returned to college I found out what the big O was. Now I can't see my mother in the same light.

May 5

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  • I met my wife at church and before marriage we talked about the wife submitting to the husband. We had s** for the first time on our wedding night. Early in the marriage we would practice her sexual submission. That meant me initiating and she not resisting. The rule is that when she is on her period, she wears panties to bed otherwise not. I will run my hands over her body including t*** and between her legs. She has to lie quietly and accept this. If she is not on her period, I will push in sometimes I will put lube on. Normally I have her lie with her hands at her side but sometimes I will have her put her arms around me.

  • Hate to break it to you but most women, starting in the 1960s and later, learned that s** isn't only for having babies. Lucky for me that I turned 18 in 1969 and benefited from the sexual revolution. For four years of college, I f***** many women and most of them had been f***** by many men before me. My wife who I dated as a freshman had f***** over 20 guys before we started dating again our senior year.

  • I was born in 1972. I spent my teenage years in the 80s and my college years in the early 90’s

    By the time I went to college I had slept with over 20 boys. By the time I left college that number was 60. I met my now husband less than a year after college and he was number 76.

    I’ve been monogamous since Jim and I first had s** as I knew once we had s** I was going to marry him. That’s been almost 27 years now. And I have to tell you I miss the variety on my youth but I love Jim.

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