My wife and Other men

I want my wife to f*** other men and I like it when other men see her up skirt and get aroused for my wife. My biggest desire is a well endowed man f**** her in our bed while I sleep and they f***. I would want him to pleasure her better than me and f*** her right infront of me and 7 days of the week would be alright if he wanted to. While I sleep or watch them would love to see him f*** her doggystyle best would be she rides him till both climax together while I'm sleeping. I always fantasies while I'm sleeping she riding another man next to me and the man could be other men we now or met our friends and even her sisters husband would be the best if he was f****** my wife in our bed while I'm there.
Is this weird?

Aug 26, 2015

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  • Of course it's weird, you are a cuckold, you are a beta male, lacking manliness and confidence, so this is an unconscious way to punish yourself for it.
    have some pride, have some dignity, lifting some weights will probably help you.
    i would not be surprised if you are also a Jeb Bush supporter.
    take your pride back and take care of yourself.

  • No its not unusual. My husband wanted the same thing. I resisted at first. We watched a "Wife Sharing" video once and it got my aroused and I asked him if he really wanted me to do it. He said yes and I said, OK you get me the guy and I will do it. He went to a local bar where the college kids hung out and found a young black college student who agreed to sleep with me. I prepared by getting some wine and dressing in a sheer dress with black undies. We had wine to loosen up and went to bed together. It was sooooo gooood. We do it about once a month now with different guys. Sometimes we advertise on Craigslist, or answer other ads placed there. Hubby does not watch but listens at the door.

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