Good girl

Ok so I've always been a good girl. I never touched myself and I kept my dirty thoughts in my head, but I've changed every since I started dating this guy. When ever he's around I can't help but let my hand slide down to wear his d*** is and stroke it throw his clothing until he gets me alone. I know most girls don't like giving head but I really love having him in my mouth plus I'm pretty good at it and the sounds he makes when I do it perfectly turns me on like crazy. The only problem I have is that when he want to give me a turn I get really loud. I've tried not to moan and scream out oh my god so much but I can't help it. It doesn't help that he's freakin huge down there either.

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  • So scream then, there's nothing wrong with it. As a society we need to stop being prudes and remember that we all have s**, and it feels good, and it's fun, and that means we're going to make some noise doing it. The way to break down those barriers in society is to go out there and do it so it becomes normal.
    My wife makes a fair bit of noise when we f*** and i play on it by really slamming her when she's close to c******, something that makes her scream louder. I also know what i need to do to make her squeal like a little girl and as much as she complains she's having fun while she does it. Can they hear us from the street? Maybe. But all the neighbors have had kids so i know they f*** too.
    In short, own your lungs and let it out, if your boyfriend is anything like me it'll turn him on.

  • Bring a pillow on your dates so you can scream as much as you want. As for s**, nothing wrong with it. I was a good girl and only had one sexual partner who was terrible in bed. On a scale of 1 to 10, he's a 1. But, I'm making up for lost time with my amazing lover who is a freak in bed. He's a 10 out of 10. He's ruined me for all men.

    To continue, enjoy s** with your bf b/c it's hard to find someone whom you'll have an intense attraction with and have passionate s**. Remember to always always always use birth control. The withdrawal method and rhythm method are NOT good birth control. Have fun!

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