I'm sorry Mike and Ronny

Living in the country like were were there wasn't much to do so you and your cousin kept coming over to my grandparents house. I was several years older than you guys and I didn't want you around when I had company.

That didn't give me the right to hit and shove and humiliate you kids like I did. I was only twelve myself but thats a lot older than seven and five. Why I was so mean I just don't know.

I wish I could go back in time and treat you kids better even though you two could be a pin at times.

I dearly hope you got over the physical and verbal abuse I sent your way when I wanted you to go home and you wouldn't go. I know I hurt you in many many ways.

I need a time machine to set things right.

Next Confession

Vore Fetish.

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  • Ms I believe you posted on the wrong subject.

    Did you ever think for one minute that maybe god sent you this gift of love so you wouldn't end up alone - cause trust me there are a lot of shitheads out there.

    there are other forms of birth control also, I was on the pill for 15 years and had to pay for it, nowadays you can get it for free.

    I know a lot of us mothers have it rough.

    I pray you find some peace and happiness because you sound like your overwhelmed.

  • Did you read the actual post, or are you just a particularly stupid attention wh0re?

  • I had 2 doctors tell me I can't have chrildren due to cancer treatments and I was totally ok with that! I never wanted kids in the first place (just because I have a ** doesn't mean I should have had a kid!) so when I found out I was prego I cried and cried! Biggest mistake is my mom was there and she's super religious so abortion/adoption was out. But it gets better for me.... If someone would have told me your good health will vanish. You will be diagnosed with RA vasculitist RA migraines insomnia depression anxiety and the vital organs of mine being shut down by the RA if you have a child I would have gone straight to the ** deck and yelled ABORT! ABORT! I regret this ** life I have EVERY-**-DAY! Your kids annoy you? Mine destroyed my overall health, my chances at finding inner peace and healing and having a pain free life. No one tells you the true reality of having a kid. And because I have a vigina I'm suppose to have a baby and if I don't want one I can never have ** cause abortion is bad. Right? I feel every human has the right to ** but not everyone is meant to have a baby cause this... This right here is ** **! Talk all the ** you want on me don't worry I feel bad for my kid too so bad that I have to go cook for it now.

  • Did you read the actual post, or are you just a particularly stupid attention wh0re? Dumb b.itch

  • ** on my tittes cuntislava.

  • Don't worry karma will give you one

  • Back off with your brainless yammering about "karma".

    The vast, VAST majority of people who were nasty to other kids when they were young never apologize. OP is standing up where most others don't, even if it is on an anonymous site. Hopefully they're doing the same thing IRL, but most former a$$holes don't even get this far.

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