Moms panty sniffer

I am a panty sniffer I also like wearing panties bras garters Pantyhose It stated with sniffing my sisters panties to sniffing my mothers panties the scent of my mothers p**** smelled so nice I had to have more so I wanted to taste her I licked and sucked her panties what a turn On this was knowing what my mother smelled and tasted

Sep 12, 2015

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  • We all like wearing tasting sniffing moms our sisters and daughter's panties we all like wearing girls panties and bras slips pantyhose sexy lingerie because we like the idea of being a sexy girl and we like to have something in our ass like a d**** hairbrush handle around shampoo bottle cucumber banana celery stick handle of a screwdriver our mothers turkey baster douche bottles our mothers d**** our grandmother's dilldo on all fours pretending it's a real c*** we all fantasize of having two c**** one in our mouths while being f***** by the other

  • I used to love to sniff and lick my own mothers dirty panties from when I was young and carried on for many years. I have also licked and sniffed my sisters, nieces, girlfriends, wifes and now my daughters on a daily basis. lets trade pics and stories. email me

  • I started with mums dirty panties about 10yrs old i soon progressed to sniffing licking wearing them while having sexual thoughts about her my c*** got really stiff and the more naughtier i got with mums panties the more it turned me on used mums underwear for many many years still gets me hot now

  • Would love to chat

  • Knowing that you were doing this with your mothers panties. What were the things about your mothers panties that turned you on the most. Momspantysniffer

  • Mmmmmmm

  • We should

  • I want you and I to dress like girls you on your knees doing what your told with my c*** in your mouth now I want you to suck and lick my ass like a good girl you will

  • I would love to be on my knees pull your panties to the side as you guide your c*** in my mouth

  • I want to fill your tounge inside my ass

  • Tell me more

  • You want to chat and trade pics of me wearing panties and baby doll nighty..momspantysniffer

  • I would love to chat see pictures of you dressed matching panties in a baby doll

  • Lets be naughty

  • Would you j*** off to my pics

  • Sounds good

  • Are you going to here off while looking at my pics thinking about being on your knees with your lips around my c***

  • Yes

  • Still thinking about having you submit to me

  • I get hard thinking about how you want to submit to me

  • Lets do it

  • I like to lick my c** off my fingers while going up and down on my wife's d**** my panties pulled to the side

  • I have tasted my c** a few times

  • Good baby, mommy needs her big girl to have her special needs taken care of.

  • Mom, please just lie still while I make you feel entirely willing to submit to your loving son.

  • I love wearing my mothers panties bras her slips. Her dresses pantyhose love being a woman her panties

  • I have sniffed and licked my mother's panties I do love how good her p ussy tasted and smells I also like wearing her panties...sisterspantysniffer

  • I have tasted my mother's panty crotch

  • Mom's panties and pantyhose beckoned to me also. Mom said she would be expecting me to take her advice and enjoying the invitation to be her special princess.

  • Dressing up in mom's things my p**** got erect. Mom caught me and made me eat her p****. I loved it and now I'm fully dressed up and mom's little sissy b****.

  • I did this with my mother as well as my friends moms till I got caught.

  • I love getting caught in girls panty drawer

  • I love getting caught wearing panties when I'm out. It's amazing how many women give me a big smile xx

  • Nice

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