Soccer moms...

At the age of 41 I got pregnant with an unplanned Oops baby. Now at 47 I am trying to keep up with an active 6 year old playing soccer, midget football, you name it. I feel out of place having to mingle with all these 20 something hard body mothers running around with the energy of a mouse on cocaine.
Yesterday something happened that has me thinking I have fell into a mid life crisis or something like that!
One of those young mothers I spoke of stopped by the house to pick up something for a team fundraiser. Her son and my son immediately ran out into the back yard to play as we chatted in the kitchen. I was kind of embarrassed, i was dressed like a slob. Sweat pants, old t-shirt and my hair up in a pony tail. When i told her my plans to bake several items for the fundraiser she she started calling me "wonderful", praising me and then walked over and gave me a big hug. I was kind of uncomfortable, the hug lasted a bit long. Then I really got a shock. As we started to release the embrace she kissed me, full on the lips. I stiffened up and I knew she could see the surprise in my face. I tried to speak but she tightened her grip and kissed me again. And i found myself kissing her back! There was something about how it felt. Not like my husband kisses me. It was soft, passionate and had my whole body tingling. I finally broke the kiss and said "what if the kids see us?" She walked over to the window and said "they will play out there for hours if we let them". She walked back over, took me by the hand and asked "where's the bedroom?"
I was literally shaking as we entered the bedroom. As she slowly began undressing me I was so embarrassed. I wasn't prepared for this. Old, mismatched bra and panties. Not to mention I wasn't in style with younger girls and my p**** hadn't seen a razor in a long time. I was worried she would be put off by my 47 year old body. I am no where near the shape of her little 20 something self.
As she slowly removed my clothes the way she touched felt different and made me feel comfortable. It was slow, soft, sensual, and she gently kissed my neck and shoulders. After she undressed she asked me to lay down on the bed. She started to softly rub, massage, kiss and lick nearly every part of my body. It felt amazing! She finally began to pay attention to my p****. I spread my legs wide as she went down on me. I know I keep saying this but it was so different than being touched by my husband or a man period. I had a huge o***** in like a minute! She looked up at me, smiled then went back to eating my p****. After my third o***** I couldn't take it any more! She laughed as she moved up to give me a long kiss. She put her hand on my head and kind of nudged me toward her lower body. I knew what she wanted. I started with her chest. Licking and sucking her very firm t******. I worked down kissing her tummy until I was in position. I kind of froze. I was staring at her beautiful little p**** but I was so nervous because I had never gone down on a girl before. She reached down and gently put her hands on my head and pulled me in. It was sorta like being in class. As I licked and sucked on her p**** she would give me the occasional tip on "how to". It took me a lot longer than her, but I finally got it done and she had an o*****.
After we dressed and went back downstairs the conversation was a little awkward. Then she let me in on a secret. She told me that "several' of the other mothers enjoy this type of fun. She giggled and said I should attend their special "team committee" meeting next week. The vision of a group of girls having s** immediately imprinted on my brain. I can't stop thinking about it. I can't believe it but I am actually thinking about going! If I do i will have another story to tell.

Oct 29

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  • Nice try but not buying it

  • I ended up in a kinky bdsm like relationship with a mom I met at my kids playgroup. No real age difference. It started with just friendly brush past each other and touches that were just a bit too long. I invited her to my place and as the babies played in the lounge we kissed. It progressed to her ordering me to wear certain clothes that were tighter and skimpier than I would have normally worn. She would spank me and we would kiss and have the hottest girl on girl s**. Progressed to her ordering me to have s** with my husband and bizarrely I actually enjoyed it and I would be thinking about her forcing and him enjoying me but not knowing. Went on for three years.

  • I had a similar experience with my neighbor. We have had a sexual relationship for 20 years now. And been having a three-way relationship with my husband for the past 10 years.

    It’s incredible. My husband makes passionate love to me but he f**** our neighbor hard. It drives me insane and turns me on to watch him be so animalistic. When he is done I usually lick up the mess and if I am lucky he will do me from behind. If I can manage to make her climax her maiming gets his motor running and I get to enjoy some rough pounding as well.

  • I agree. As an older woman a few years ago I experienced a brief relationship with a younger female. "Very" younger, as in I was 35 and she was 19. She is my daughters friend. It just happened, and "yes" to the comments in the post, the s** was so much different than with a male. It was just soft, seductive and made me feel wanted.

  • Don’t get me wrong I love my husband, but I agree s** with another woman is amazing and the best feeling ever.

  • You are so fortunate to have come upon a group like this! I only wish I were so lucky. Enjoy yourself!

  • Lesbianism is the ultimate dimension of women's sexuality. I am bi but into lesbianism for more than 20 yrs. I am now in my late-40s and have two steady gfs aged 30 and 40 and often have fff s**.

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