I have 2 sons and a long term boyfriend father to my boys. I love my kids because they're my kids but I hate being a parent!

I hate the responsibility the mundane same old old everyday. I hate the Landry work cooking homework school runs bickering fighting bath times trading times the rudeness the weak parent I am that my 3 and 5 year old smack me and don't listen!

Sometimes I feel like I could smack them really hard I don't and won't BUT it doesn't mean I don't want too!

I have everything i could want except a bucket load of cash energy and time.

I am an a*** hole and I hate feeling this way! ??

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  • It's perfectly normal. I can relate to some of your complains.

  • I hate being a mother too. My kid is ungrateful and I'm tired of taking care of someone else. I wish I realized that I was too selfish for having children before I had him. Should've had an abortion or given him up for adoption. But by the time I figured all that out it was too late. I was stuck. Now he's 8 and I hate everyday of my life when he's around me. He does nothing but irritate me. He brings me no joy, no laughter. Just anger.

  • Please try to ease up on yourself. You're a mother, and you're exhausted, and while the words "mother" and "exhausted" aren't supposed to be synonyms, they almost are. The conflict you're experiencing is purely internal and derives from failing to meet your own expectations. So . . . change the standards for what comprises acceptable mothering (change them downward, of course) because the ones you are using seem to be insupportably, unsustainably and unnaturally high. Enjoy your children -- when they'll permit it -- and enjoy your life.

  • I know exactly what you mean. My kids don't smack me around and they hug me all the time, but I miss my childless lifestyle. I miss my freedom and the extra money at the end of the month.

  • I think what you're feeling is not at all out of the ordinary. Having and raising children is a seemingly impossible task, and is certainly a thankless one. Tired all the time, broke all the time, behind all the time. That's par on the course you're playing. The good news is that it gets better because you get better at it. The challenges are always changing, but your ability to deal with them -- and roll with them -- improves over time. Try to find a way to get more rest and the occasional time away from the kids (babysitters, parents' day out, etc., perhaps from a local free agency or a church), and find ways to place yourself in the company of grownups, other than just ones you work with: in other words, develop ways of having fun, even if it's just the length of a movie or a ball game or a couple of drinks. You can not only survive this, but you can master it.

  • If you are not ready for all the responsibility why did have kids ?

  • The reasons why I had my kids 1 the father promised to help me no matter what he convinced me he wanted them more than anything. 2 I don't totally agree with having a abortion. 3 thought it was the right thing to do since my mother didn't get an abortion when she was pregnant with me or gave me up for adoption.

  • Because sometimes by the time you figure it out, it's too late, a******.

  • ^^^ your dont live a day in their life so shut up.

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