Arabs money ?

Why do people say Arabs are rich ? I'm an Arab and I live in a villa that contains a swimming pool, I have a maid and a driver. But I'm not that rich.

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  • Haha but when you wake up you're still a smelly Arab

  • Culture is more valuable than money.

  • Nice try douchebag troll.

  • What is your definition of "rich"? And just because someone has money doesn't mean they're happy. Money can buy things, but it cannot buy happiness. So you can have a villa, with a pool, and a maid and whatever else..but if you're not happy does it matter?

  • Rich means you got money comming out of your ears. Sure money does not buy you everything but it sure will make life 99% easier. I got it good with a wife and kid. The only thing I would change is having all the money so there would be no worries. As for OP. Most Arabs flaunt their money its just how your culture is. Yes having a maid is flaunting your money. I can afford a maid also. But choose to clean my own bathroom. Many of you people flaunt designer clothes and drive fancy cars. Most of you can barely make payments. My reference is Arabs I know.

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