My strange fetish

I'm just 16, but for some reason I love older guys, like late 30's and up. I go on cam sites and get so turned on when older guys get off to me, and I'll do nearly anything they tell me to please them. I imagine getting to suck them off and letting them f*** me and I get so h****, and I have no idea why.

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  • Your a f****** sicko is what ur are which is an adult man

  • How is this strange? The strange thing is that you think it's strange. When I was your age I was only with older guys. A lot of them too. Now I'm with younger guys so it even out. Actually, I'll take any age.

  • Maybe leave an email and I could contact you or here's my number

  • San Diego, CA

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  • Contact me 5.......0.....2........9.....0........9........4..........4......0......6...

  • Louisville, KY

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