Wally and Derek

what happened with Wally and his brother Derek, John was working away,
I wore a white blouse and red mini skirt, I also chose red bra/panties/suspenders, I think I looked great and I felt great,
well I met up with the two of them in a bar called the wheatsheaf well away from our home town,we had a few drinks and chatted some, then Wally said "how about booking a room here" we all agreed but to me it was so, how shall I put it, cold thoughtless, with no feeling's, I think I would have preferred a little bit of finesse, a little bit sort of hesition, it was too much of knowing that it was just s**, hope you understand,
Anyway we got the room and it was a bit shabby, both Wally and derek took off their clothes as soon as we were inside which left me to undress myself, I didn't care too much about that as I love being undressed,
Now Wally is impressively well endowed but derek is huge, there is only one bigger that I have had and that was with Phil,
I was soon on the bed and both men 's hand's and mouth's were all over me, my legs were openned wide by I think Wally but it was Derek that rolled over on top of me and entered his huge d*** into me, seeing as there was no or should I say foreplay it hurt a little but that hurt soon subsided as his movement's got deeper and longer, and as his pace quicken I soon felt myself climaxing, I remember wrapping my legs around him as I thought he was going to pull out of me right away,
By keeping my legs tightly wrapped him I kept him in me, and by using my v***** muscles I got him quickly aroused again, this time it as a lot more enjoyable as I was well lubicated now not only with my own juices but with all of Derek's s****,
This time I haven't a clue how long Derek was s******* me, I do know I exploded with a multitude of o*****'s,and I know I was exhausted and breathing very heavy and sweaty and nicely feeling tender all over the inside of my v*****, Derek withdrew and rolled over onto his back.
There was I was laying on the bed with my legs apart and with derek's s**** seeping out of me and Wally was getting between my thigh's,
Wally's c*** slipped in me with incredible ease, but even so his presence there and his movement's were good enough to start my body reponding to his every move,
it wasn't to long before I climaxed again followed by some more, my whole body was primed now for s** and more s**, how many times we had s** I don't know,I stopped Derek, he wanted a*** s** and I'm not into that, there's two holes in my body men can use, I have two breast that I can give them a t** roll, and two b***** hand's, why they want to go in my ass I don't know, but all three of us fell asleep for an hour,
I awoke first and had a quick shower, and got dressed, Wally and Derek ask me not to go but I felt I had too, my only concern was how do I get home, I had been drinking and I know I was over the limit,
I phone my friend Susan and she got a friend of her's to drive her to the pub and Susan drove my car to my house, Susan and her friend left soon after having coffee, Susan made me promise to tell her all the detail's,
I don't think I will be with the two of them again, but one doesn't know what in the future, maybe after I give this some thought I may reverse my decision and want to have another time like this, but I'll know not to drink or maybe get a taxi there and back, hope this sound's right. Sally

Sep 24, 2015

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  • That's great, keep the confessions comibg

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