I was only going to watch.

My BFF (Missy) and my Step bro (Derek) have been hooking up for like 6 months, I know they do and I never cared, My Derek and I have lived together since we were both 7, Our parents met through school activities and started dating then married and moved us all in together. I never had an attraction to him until we were in our teens but because were are steps I never acted on it, However Missy has been, She would stay over and wait until she thought I was alseep and sneak to his room, I would lay in bed and listen to them in the next room banging.
Well, Last night it was more than I could handle just laying there listening, Come fall we will be heading seperate directions to attend different universities and try as I might I couldn't get the thought of missing an opportunity. Our parents were away and it was really the first time they have left us alone with no supervision, I could hear them in the next room, Kissing and giggling, I got out of bed, Walked to Derek's door, Stood there...Walked away...Walked back to his door...Walked away and got back into bed. I stripped down and started playing with myself which I haven't realy done much until the last year, I got out of bed and stood outside his door naked, Heart racing, Palms sweaty, Hands shaking, Grabbed his door k*** and then chickened out.
I went back to my room and sat on my bed, I know basically everything there is to know about Missy and I know she has a great body, She's beautiful and she definitely has a wild streak, I know she has let guys feel her up and has two of her own...Toys that she talked her mom into buying for her which is a whole nother story but basically her mom brought one home after she had asked her mom for it and a month later she asked her mom for a more realistic one and her mom got her one hoping it would keep her from seeking out the real thing...Well...It didn't work.
So I might as well lay it out, Missy is about 5 feet, 3 inches, 110 pounds, Blonde, Blue eyes and wears a 36B. I am 5 feet even, 115 pounds, Brunette, Blue/Green eyes and wear a 36 C, Missy has tiny little pink n!pples that are always hard and she has to wear band aids over them even under her bras where I have larger brown Puffy n!pples that I hate, I can't think of a time they have ever been hard and I don't like the way they look. Derek is a total jock, Dark hockey hair, Six pack and pecs, Strong jawline and seldom wears a shirt around home. I won't even leave my room without a bra because I am embarrassed by my n!pples.
Anyway I took a deep breath, Stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, Walked out my door and up to Dereks then opened the door and walked in, I stood in the doorway breathing heavy, Unable to speak, Missy was on her knees, Derek standing in front of her with her hair pulled into a pony on top of her head holding it in one hand and holding his c*** in the other, I have caught glimpses of his c*** before or seen the outline of it through his pants but have never seen it full on or hard. I stood there staring at them, Missy looked at me like she had been caught doing something awful, She slapped Derek's hand away and stood up.
Missy walked right up to me and said "Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I don't know what came over me but I kissed her and she pulled back, Started at me and said "Uhhh...Amy...Uhhh" and I kissed her again, this time she was more receptive to it and kissed me back, When she did pull away we stared into each others eyes and she said "Yeah?", I couldn't speak and just nodded. So yeah, Totally a script from a p0rno or something with your best friend and your step brother and the whole thing was cheesy but it happened so whateve's.
Missy took the lead and lead me by the hand up to standing in front of Derek, I looked down and he took both my wrists, Pressed my hands on his shaft, I don't know if it is all that big but it was bigger than I expected, Long, Straight, Smooth pink and you can see the line where he was circumsized, From there it is darker pink to the big purple k***, He swallowed a big gulp and said "Wow Amy, Nice" as he cupped my b****, I said "really?", He nodded and Missy cupped my b**** from behind, I can only imagine how it looked with me and Missy on our knees, We both bunched our hair into pony's on top of our heads, He had one in each hand and Missy took his shaft in her one hand, Put the other on the back of my head and I opened my mouth, I leaned in and slid my lips over the first c*** I have ever had in my mouth, Just so happens it is my step brothers.
Missy told me after that her favorite part was watching me suck my first c***, Missy got up and stood behind Derek, Held his shaft and b**** as I sucked him, Missy sort of took the lead in the whole thing, She told us what to do, what positions to be in and she stood me up, Told me to get on my stomach on the bed, I did and she spread my knees, Put a pillow under my hips and knelt beside me facing my feet, She grabbed my bum cheeks and said "You want this?" I was laying face down with my bum in the air which is actually my favourite part of my body, I have a bit of a "Booty" and I love it.
Missy said "No...Tell me first", Derek said "Tell you what?", Tell me what you want", Derek said "I want that", Missy said "Come on, You can do better, Tell me about it", Derek said "I want that perfect little p****", Missy said "Tell me", Derek said "I want that perfect little bald p****, I want to f*** her while you watch", Missy said "Tell me you want to f*** your step, tell me how hot your step is, Tell me what you want to do". Derek said "I want to shove my d!ck in Amy and hold her big t!ts in my hands while I make her scream my name" and that's exactly what he did, Missy hels my bum cheeks as he licked me from behind then I moaned as he slid his c*** into me, Missy laid beside me and talked to me as he slowly slid in and out of me, She kissed me and played with my n!pples.
I didn't last as long as I had hoped before I did scream Dereks name, I had my firts O with someone else and it was awsome, I cried a bit and still don't know why but Missy rolled me onto my back and got on top of me, Derek did her from behind while both of them played with my b**** and I watched Missy have an O right on top of me. After she laid beside me I was ready again but Derek had finished and needed a minute so Missy told me to sit on his face, Wow, What an amazing thing to look down at him as he looked up at me, Yada, yada, Yada we banged all night, By morning Derek said his b**** were aching so bad and he couldn't get it up again. Me and Missy laid back against the headboard and rubbed ourselves while he watched and Missy suggested a 69, I didn't think I was ready for that and I think I played it off well saying "Mmm, I don't think he deserves that if he isn't going to get it hard for us again" which Missy took and ran with.
We both laid on our stomachs and played with and sucked his c*** but he had no chance of getting hard again, We all squeezed into our parents shower as it is the biggest in the house, I sat on the seat and let Missy wash my vag while Derek watched then I did hers and she asked me to shave it, I have done my own but never anyone elses so it was a bit nerve wracking but very hot, It was obvious Missy was wanting to do a girl on girl thing since she kept sticking her finger in my vag when she was washing me but I couldn't get there, Missy sat back on the seat and used the shower head on herself while i stood behind Derek washing his c*** and b**** and when she got off he started to get hard, It went soft again and Missy said "Your turn" and handed me the shower, I sat back and did the same while Missy knelt on the shower floor holding my one leg up and lathered me up, Derek took her hand and guided it to my bum and she said "get hard and I will rub her a$$hole" I was like "Uh what?" and Missy kissed me, I looked at Derek and he was rock hard again.
Derek put one foot on the bench and half squatted putting his c*** in me as i held the shower head on my cl!t and he leaned back looking down as Missy looked up at him and started rubbing my bum hole, At first it was super weird, Sent a shiver up my spine and my n!pples got hard, Missy said "Oh my god", She leaned in and sucked my n!pple and started rubbing a little harder and a little faster and it sent a shock wave through my body, Derek went faster, I moaned louder and when Missy went for it I came, I dropped the shower head, Missy shoved her finger in my bum, Derek pulled out and missy rubbed my c***, Sucked my n!pple and Derek came on her face and my b****, I didn't know what to do with my hands or my legs or anything and just shook and quivered and screamed, there were fingers everywhere and I didn't know what was feeling best and I don't know where Missy learned to do what she was doing.
As I went post coital I pushed Missy's hands away and Derek sat down, missy stood him up and she sat down, Derek went down on her and got her off while I sucked her n!pples and finally we all washed off and crawled into Dereks bed, We passed out and when we woke up me and Missy left and went to her house, We stayed there the night and spent probably every minute talking about it, Missy told me she wants to go down on me in front of Derek but I told her I don't think I am into it. Who knows maybe a bit later I will want to try it but not now, My parents are going away just for one night on thursday night and Missy and I already have a plan....Stay tuned.

Dec 4, 2019

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