I mastubate, yesterday i tried to suck

I mastubate, yesterday i tried to suck my own but couldnt do it... so layed on my bed and put my legs over my head so my p**** was pointing at me from above and jacked off onto my own face. It was really warm and horrible and it got in my eye and made it turn all red and itch, it doesnt taste like anything. I kind of liked it. i need a v*****

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  • Nasty dude u need to limber up

  • good for you ! but it is better with a partner!

  • ^You use your own hand yourself. You like giving hand jobs to penises don't you. Admit it. Self f******* is just a advanced technique.

  • F**!!! dude you jacked off on your face.

  • Keep practicing. Its shocking how many can do it.

  • It's only sick when you c** on yourself. Most girsl love it and crave it.

  • ^Your momma

  • how do you think girls feel when you c** on them. its SICK. you men are disgusting.

  • You need a life...and a longer d***.

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