The Dirty Secrets Club!

Not a confession. I am looking for new recruits to join my latest club. The Dirty Secrets Club (DSC) is very exclusive. Leave comments if you wish to join containing your email and I will contact you about your first task. Hope to see you guys soon.



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  • I'm already on my fifth task. How about you guys? The first 2 were the hardest, but after the third it's a breeze.

    Hey, I was thinking, we should have a club meeting soon. We could all get together and discuss our dirty secrets and share our opinions on the club. I'll bring the kool-aid!

  • kitweboys1975 at

  • If my first task is trying to blow myself... what's the second one?

  • I bet it REALLY stands for \\"Dirty Sanchez Club.\\"

  • Oh S***, Diva23 joined this s***? Loser!

  • I'm sorry, I was gonna make fun of this, because it really needs to be mocked in a big way, but I don't have it in me to care that much about it right now, sorry.

  • I am looking for new recruits to get a life! The Dirty Secret Club? lol Hey gang! that guy is talking about us, DSC go go go! Oh no teen gang, that guy is making fun of us!
    Really, A nice nap on the highway would work wonders for your boredom.

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