Fingered at my bachelorette party

Cutting a long story short, I got fingered at my bachelorette. My friends took me to a club. We got very drunk. We met some guys. One tried it on with me but I told him I was getting married. He said that this may be my last chance for some fun. I couldn't let myself f*** him, but I let him finger my p**** on the dance floor in the middle of the club. It was so hot. But I felt guilty and suggested to my friends that we should leave (around 2am). They wanted to bring the guys back to the apartment we were staying in. Since my guy was with those guys, he came too. He ended up fingering me again on the couch in front of everyone when we got back. My legs were spread and panties pulled to one side in front of all of my friends and the other guys but I didn't care cause it felt amazing. One of the other guys got his c*** out and wanked as he watched.

Mar 5, 2016

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  • Fake

  • Then you woke up and never had a p****

  • Sounds like a dude wrote this

  • Funny...When my ex-wife's manager, and, friend of ours, had her going away party before she moved down South, she got notably drunk and I got in two separate fingerings of her moist, marvelous mound. First had her open-legged in back of mini-van, then, in my own bar at home. Had her behind my bar, and, when ex went upstairs to hit the bathroom, I pulled manager woman in and sunk my hand down her pants..She laughed, then sighed with pleasure..Wife never knew a thing.

  • My College son brought his room mate home for Christmas vacation and he would come in the kitchen and hear hug me every chance he got. I loved it and one morning he came in a walked up behind me and put his hand down in front pulling up my robe and fingered me good. we never went beyond that but I loved the fingering which he did every chance he got.

  • My neighbor fingered me last summer out in the back yard while my brothers were swimming in the pool and he made me c** three times before he quit. The following day he got me again started in fingering me drove me to my first o***** and he pulled me up holding me against him as he continued to finger me to another o***** and then I felt his c*** go between my legs as he started in fingering me he slid his c*** in my ass and I came as he shoved more and more into me making me c** on his fingers and c*** as he unloaded his c** into me his kisses on my neck him playing with me and him f****** my ass I couldn't help it I c** hard onto him and he kept me going till I almost passed out he sat me down on the Chase Lounger and he began to eat me out making me c** again and again and I told him I wanted him to f*** me and he did, oh god did he ever and he filled my puss with his c**. He kept himself in me for the longest time as he got soft he fell out of me and I let out a moan and that's when he said you love it don't you and I answered yes and that started our s** affair. It's just s** for I love another but I can't say no to him and he fingers me even when we're just talking at the fence. I let him for he makes me feel so damn good and he knows he's gonna get me later and he does. I can't refuse him no matter where we're at.

  • My wife worked at a bar in the next town... a work mate of hers would drive her home in the early hours and stop outside our house where he would part her legs finger her p**** until she climaxed ...l would watch her leave the car sometimes her knickers in her hand she would come straight to the bedroom where l would f*** her wide open and c** filled c***.....loved it

  • You husband is lucky to have a strong willed wife who can refuse intercourse under those hot circumstances.

  • My kind of girl. My sons buddies have fingered me like that in front of others.

  • I licked being fingered in bus q.

  • Some people have all the luck

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