Im Pansexual

I just wanted to say im Pansexual and honestly i dont care what others say i think its amazing. haters are going to hate. But you shoudnt hate on love.

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  • You "honestly" don't care what others say, but had a festering need to come on here and warble about your messed-up "s3xuality" anyway? Great logic there. So typical of the "look at me and my s3xual identity of the hour" generation.

    Who cares about which g3nitals you like to nibble on? You disgust me because you have this irrational need for lots of attention around it-- but only positive attention, of course. Fragile little thing that you and people like you are.

    Hate me for MY honesty or not (even though you do). Either way, know that I'm laughing at you for being so emotionally frail. XD

  • Maters gone a mate.

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