I was 15 when some senior boys tricked me into going with them to the sport shed by de school's baseball field. Ended up an the floor stripped form the waist down, with girls taking pictures and making comments about my engorged d***. Couldn't believe the fun they had looking and watching it getting fully hard. No even my own sister has seen me like that. It was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happed to me and on top of it one the girls was the one I had a crush on. I remember picking up my pants and underwear from the floor, getting dressed and walking out totally humiliated. Didn't want anyone to know I got stripped and they all got away scot free. What was very humiliating was knowing those pictures are being passed around form girl to girl. I'm definitely became the most embarrassed boy in the whole school with no chance of ever dating my crush.

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  • Silly fantasy. Girls in school usually don't do this in school. If they did indeed do this and got caught passing nude pictures of a fifteen year old they would be arrested for child p***.

  • Why tf you lyyyyiin

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