I hate you

I am so tired of hearing about your ex-wife and your f****** kids - I am so sick of putting you first in my life and being the fifth in yours - I wish I was with my rich ex-husband still, who sucked at everything - but at least I had money and a boyfriend on the side. Now I am poor and living with you at your mothers - after I earn enough money, I am leaving you. You are pathetic and I faked it everytime you f****** old man - you are lucky to have a 25 year old like me and you still suck. I'm sick of these s***** relationships and that's my fault. I only care about myself and my dog - she is a million times better companion than you

go f*** yourself you peice of s***

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Dead right u should leave the fuckr if he dont make u o***** every time hes useless

  • How about you should have never gotten married for the money in the first place. Then compounded the mistake by leaving him for a broke man. See love is good and all but you need to have money to survive. You don't drop your meal ticket for a bum. That's as you said it your fault. Go back to your ex husband.


  • Too bad you can't go back in time to not leave your rcih husband. . .what a dumbass

  • That is not true...from someone who knows...dogs can do more than doggy style.

  • I'm sensing a little hostility in this one. My advise is this: date your dog. It's apparently much better than the other men you've dated. Only one drawback, you can only really do it doggy-style, I mean, it is a dog.

    Rack the Jipper

  • You are right....it is your fault for being such a stellar selector of mates.

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