I'm a coward because I love drugs.

I confess that I'm weak. I'm weak and pathetic because instead of dealing with my problems, I take drugs to make myself feel happy and hide everything. My life is s***, but instead of fixing it I pop pills and drink to escape. It's cowardly because it's the easier way out. I'm too afraid to try in life and fail. So instead of trying I just get high and happy and f*** myself over. I've been stealing my mother's narcotics for months and months. Today she told me "I started counting my pills a week ago. Did you take any of them?" Now I can't have them, so I'm chugging some cough syrup to get a DXM high right now. It's so f****** pathetic, I'm glad it tastes like s***. I can't deal with anything. I'd rather sit in bed listening to music with my mind flying then have a life.

I'm f****** pathetic, and I love it. I hate it, but I love it.

Oct 14, 2010

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  • You see the problem, so quit the drugs. Keep at it and in 18 months or less, things will be much better. The truth is, the drugs won't help.

  • oh my god, i feel the same. i mean, i don't do drugs or anything, i just eat and sleep the pain away. sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. i feel kinda lost, my life is the kind everybody dream to have, but i don't like it. so i just stopped everything and went sleeping. it's been like that for almost a year now. i don't like my life any better now, i don't want to go back to my previous life and i don't see anything special waiting for me in the future. so i'm just waiting for an appealing oppotunity to appear. i'm a briliant talented person with a very waisted life.

  • You're not pathetic. You're just a in a really bad place right now. But you've already taken the first step that you need help. So, now get up and go ask for it. No matter how old you are, you can turn this around. Everyone is afraid of failing, but how will you know if you don't try. It's so much easier to stay unmotivated instead of being proactive about changing yourself and your life. And the pills/drugs and whatever else your taking aren't helping. So how are you going to change your life and start living.. Because there are so many awesome things out there to explore and be a part of. Get your life on track. Get happy by being clean and sober. You can do it.

  • Will there ever be a human being who doesn't blame drugs?

  • Stop chugging cough syrup, that can cause liver damage... You're probably not pathetic and weak, but have convinced yourself that you are. Maybe you should try to get a breath of fresh air, take a walk and exercise. Challenge yourself to achieve something that you didn't think possible, and when you do achieve that, you'll see that you're not weak or pathetic.

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