I would kill my stepdad if I could

He's such a f****** a******! So controlling and always interfering with my mothers and I's relationship. He acts like he owns me and tells me I have "no choice". The worst I can do now is cuss him out when I'm alone but if I had the chance to kill him without facing any consequences, I totally would. Not only is he just an a******- but a dirty old pervert who I feel disgusted if he even comes near me. I find myself wishing I could move out even if I'm worse off when I do! I'm sick of him!

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  • Maybe he's sick of paying for ur s*** I duno

  • Ok listen I'm in your exact position right now as a 19 year old in college. I dread having to to return home to his worthless, egoistical, ass. My advice is (since I'm not exactly sure how old you are) to spend as much time out of the house as possible, volunteer, get references for a resume, get a job (Ideally you should keep this secret from step-fuhrer), start being independent, you essentially have to hit the ground running once you turn 18. Don't make the same stupid mistake I did, being lazy and not doing anything with my time. Try to move in with a relative or room with someone (Craig's List, Check it out). At the end of the day CASH IS KING!!! in order for you to put an end to this nonsense. My deepest sympathies AK

  • PEOPLE SHOULD LEARN TO LOVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT THEM IN THE MOST PAINFUL WAYS FOR BY SO DOING, THEY CAN’T HURT YOU AGAIN AND YOU WILL NOT HURT TOO. Perhaps, “the offence” is that I took my texts from the New Testament and used figures of speech to communicate. I do not mean any offense to any of the gentlemen and ladies here.
    Let me give a practical example; a boss who was supposed to protect my interest at work betrayed me and lied against me to the executives in a very painful manner. His plan was to have me sacked but the executives did not buy into it because of my work records. I knew that I had become vulnerable and the work environment had become polluted. I needed to do something urgently to disinfect it. I bought a very costly attire which he knew cost more than half of my pay check. I knocked at his office door and met a frown. I smiled and bowed in greeting. After the pleasantries I handed over my gift and he thanked me. We became fast friends till I left the organisation on a high.
    Good wishes to all who commented and may you find good in all you do.

  • If you want to kill him (his hatred for you) simply love him. Obey him, get him things for his birthday. Read Romans 12 and see what I mean.

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