Believe it or not, I like drinking.

I broke my promise not to drink. Had the best rum I've ever tasted, puked my guts out and had a gnarly hangover. I regret nothing because s**** my manipulative and controlling boyfriend. I'm sick of all the guilt-trips for wanting to game online with my friends without him ONE friggin' night a week. Endless obligations for Skype s** just because we're a LDR couple and it's the "only way he can deal with missing me" even when I expressly tell him I'm not interested. F*** YOU, A******. I'm tired of all the b*******, man up or f****** leave for a lesser woman who tolerates sniveling boys. If I want to chill with a beer after hard day of work, I f****** will. Speaking of work, you couldn't be happy that I got offered a great job for the career I want, could you? It had to be all about the time you'd be home alone, moping around. That attitude changed really f****** fast when you found out how much money I'd be making even as an apprentice didn't it? A******. Suddenly it was a great opportunity for both of us. F*** you.

Oct 1, 2015

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  • Whatever you do keep drinking. It seems to work for you. Always remember follow your bliss.

  • If i were you I would end the LDR. You are missing out on so much Dic k. Why deprive yourself of that. Dont let this wuss control you from afar. S***. Think how bad he would be if he was near you. You are your own person.

  • Why are you with him? Why don't you leave him? Instead of putting up with his immature bull s***? He won't change and this is an LDR? If it's not working with distance between you, guaranteed it won't work if you are in the same house. Be smart and break up. You want him to show you kindness and support and he's clearly not capable of that. It borders on abuse. Stop punishing yourself. Drinking can be fun, but it sounds like this guy is driving you to drink. In which case, a drinking problem is not something you want to deal with. Move on.

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