Question on weed

I want to try weed and see if it really increases my concentration.

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  • Man it's just real good, much better than booze and nowhere near as dangerous. Just make sure you have lots of good music in: Grateful Dead. Floyd etc and plenty of nice munchies.
    BUT if you ain't a cigarette smoker then don't mix it with tobacco! Tobacco is very addictive whereas Mary Jane ain't and if you mix tobacco with your Mary Jane then you will get addicted to tobacco in a very short time.

  • My experience on weed. I just laughed like a MFer at stupid s***.

  • Yeah you will definately concentrate a lot more. It just happens to be on stupid ass sh it.
    Have you been around pot smokers. They are dumb as fuc k.

  • Idiot - weed makes people lazy and stupid!

  • Not necessarily. Stop being stereotypical!!

  • I'm sorry.......what'd you say?

  • Lol good one!

  • It will do just the opposite. Pot or weed makes you listless.

  • Not necessarily

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