I need it bad!

I am 19 years old, and i am a virgin. For years now I've really enjoyed watching gay p***, having gay phone s**, and looking for men on grindr to take advantage of my body. I love my ass and my hole. I love the way it feels after a hot shower. I love to brutally finger f*** myself while imagining a sexy man totally controlling me. I love calling my a****** my boy p****. I love fingering my boy p**** and getting it all wet and strechted open. I love taking pictures of my naked body and sending them to men on snapchat. I become an obedient b**** to random men all over the world. And i absolutely love it. One day i hope to be the only b**** boy in a group of sexy men who take turns brutally f****** me and playing with my body, then c****** all over me and leaving me fully naked, sticky, sweating, and in a hot heaping mess on the ground without having climaxed myself. Left to finish myself off. Lately ive grown close to a girl at my school and I'm having strong feelings for her. Some sexual and some emotional. I want to f*** her, i want to be in a relationship with her. But i also really badly want c*** deep down my throat, and forced deep in my virgin p****. Does anyone have advice?


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  • Really liked it my advice is to try a bathhouse I'm sure you will get some guys there

  • You.
    No p**** for you means more p**** for me.

  • F*** the chick first, that might straighten u out

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