In 1994, I met a young man of about 25 in Africa who was from one of the middle east aristocracy. He escaped from his family after enduring torture and jail for his "new faith'. He ran away to Africa. He had become a Christian in very unusual circumstance. He knew that staying in his country will cost his head. He was met by a man in white suit and briefcase on the streets of an African mega city where he was stranded. Initially, he was afraid of the man because, he didn't look "African" rather he looked more like one from his part of the world and he feared that his people had sent someone to spy on him. But the man was gentle and reassuring, he comforted him and told him to write down an address he can go to obtain help. As the man stretched forth his hand to give him a copy of the Bible from his briefcase, he saw an unusual sight; his hand was perforated from front to back. His jaw dropped and he let out his name; Jesus?! The stranger nodded and told him; "do not be afraid, I am with you always".

I met the man as a missionary in a relatively remote part of Africa, loved by his community for his humanitarian work. I wondered that such men do not make noise or broadcast their experiences. He still worked with the copy of the Bible the Lord had given him.

Dec 23, 2015

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