my little secret

my little secret!
I have a fetish for my wife's panties . I like to j*** off watching
p***** . I use my wife's clean silk pantie to j*** off with while
smelling a pair of her soiled panties . Just before I come i flip the
crotch of the clean pantie over my c*** head & c** in the cotton
lined gusset ! Great - no clean up . Now this is when my little secret
starts . I put that wet c** stained pantie back in her Clean draw . The
next day she unknowingly puts on that c** stained pantie . My wife never
wears CLEAN PANTIES . She has been wearing my c** next to her c*** for
the last 5 years ! She would be p***** to find out ! She once caught me
smelling her soiled pantie . She got so mad she started hiding her
soiled panties on me . Well guess what ? I have found all of her hiding
places . I sometimes put some of her soiled panties back in her so
called "CLEAN DRAW". It becomes a challenge to see how many times I can
get her to wear the same c** stained [ by me ] soiled [ by her ] pantie
. I think her record with the same dirty pantie is 6 times ! I even have
a hidden clean pair in bed with us. In the middle of the night I
sometimes get up - go to the bathroom - put on her soiled pair over my
head so that I can smell her soiled crotch & j*** off in the crotch
of the the clean pantie . Or better yet - when we have s** & she
falls asleep - I use that pantie to to clean OUR come off my c*** . She
will get to wear this special pantie sometime . On laundry day she puts
the clean panties on top in her draw . I rotate the stock [ I have a
reserve of hidden soiled panties that I have stollen from her hiding
spot ] on top of the clean ones . This way I make sure she has always a
soiled pair to unknowingly put on ! [ very thoughtful of me ] Then the
challenge begins again to start c****** in those clean panties . I
always make sure my WIFE NEVER WEARS A CLEAN PANTIE . This is my little
secret & it turns me on very much to share this with someone else

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  • ^ lol, i agree!

    btw, this is surely a fake post

  • PANTY is not spelled "pantie"

    Good lord, this is a stupid post.

    And can you just say "dirty" instead of "soiled?" It makes it sound like she s*** herself.

    Nasty f***

  • The format of the confession seems like it's been copied and pasted.Did you find this on some p**** site and steal it???

    Besides... c** makes any fabric stiff when it dries and she would notice this for sure...There is no way she doesn't know that she is putting on panties that are covered in c**. That is just stupid

  • ^^Yes, it would feel much better..I'd much rather c** INSIDE my wife as opposed to f****** her

  • That's gross. She's your wife, why can't you just smell her actual p****??? I mean, where's the fantasy in sniffing your wife's panties and c****** in them, doesn't she let you c** INSIDE of her? Wouldn't that feel better?

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