Holiday freedom

I went away with some friends for a week in Spain. Iv been married for 20yrs and never cheated. My 4 friends went off to a night club, I stayed at the hotel and had a fee drinks when this bloke half my age started chatting me up, I'm chubby and he complimented me on my lovely b******, I blushed as it was obvious he wanted to f*** me and I was flattered as I don't get a lot at home, the next thing I'm in my room with him stripping me, I was embarrassed as I was naked and he was fully dressed. He lifted my saggy t*** and sucked each in turn and felt my wet hairy p**** and whispered suck my c***, I knelt and got his c*** out and sucked his lovely k*** as he pulled his shirt off and lifted me onto the bed and f***** me vigorously as I played with my t***, then rubbed my c*** as he banged into my aching p**** I had a huge o***** and he pulled out and wanked over my t*** and I sucked his c*** to get that lovely s**** in my mouth.
He left me naked on the bed covered in s**** and feeling better than I had in a long time.
I f***** 5 other young men that week and loved ever one.

Dec 29, 2015

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  • I often cheat on my husband when he's down the pub. I have 3 sons, and sometimes I let the 3 of them f*** me the same evening. The oldest is 15. I sometimes take one in my mouth, one in my p****, and m********* the third.

  • Nice to hear that you had a good time but I hope that you protected yourself from getting STDs. Get checked out soon. Does it bother you at all that your cheated on your spouse? Wild s** is okay but it is a very bad on relationships.

  • I love fvcking married women...especially married white women.Its such a thrill and I don't care about size or shape,I just like fvcking women who are already taken. Sounds like a great vacation for you and you deserve a good fvuck somewhere if you not getting enough at home.

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