I am attracted to the thought of impregnating young girls

Since I was thirteen - I'm only a few years older now - I wanted to be a father. A great one. Because mine f****** sucked. He was a whoremongering a****** and I hope that all his eight kids leave him just as estranged as he left us. Anyway... not the point.

As soon as I became interested in girls, the first thing that interested me greatly was the reproductive system proper. S*** - with all the reading and studying I did of the girl's system, I could be an OB/GYN or something.

I don't want to rape anyone. God, no. I detest rape with a passion. I have this fantasy where a girl - a girl of fourteen - essentially asks me to impregnate her. I have an job, so I care for her. I have a car, so I take care of the child and mother's needs to go places - hospital, grocery store, whatever. I dream big. I want to be everything my dad couldn't be. I wanna be that right now.

A lot of the time, especially after c****** to one of these fantasies, I find myself depressed and suicidal. I know this is a horrible way to be - no teen girl deserves to have her v***** stretched to nearly five times its normal diameter just for some older kid's crazy fetish with human life. I also know that someday, I'll either be a murderer or philanthropist - there's no way there will be any inbetween. I know what it's like to be afraid of my own mind.

I feel better now.

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  • "I'll either be a murderer or a philanthropist"

    Great quote

  • Ordem

  • Me too, honestly, and it is driving me nuts.

  • You have no way of knowing how the future will turn out. So stop obsessing over that. It's not black or white either, you're not gonna be the best of humanity or the worst, with the no middle ground.

    As for the fantasies, they're just that. Fantasies. About making a young girl happy. That's not something you should feel suicidal or depressed at all about. The age may be questionable, but you can do anything you want in your imagination (which is why hentai from artists such as Shädbase is so popular). As long as you don't go out and hurt or violate people for the sake of your fantasies, you've nothing to worry about or get upset over.

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