I love married men

I love to f*** other women's husbands. I get so turned on by having a man inside of me that belongs to someone else. I would say that I have a normal s** life with my husband. S** twice a week and I can come two or three times each time like clockwork... but something about taking what belongs to someone else drives me crazy. With other women's husbands, I usually come as soon as he puts his d*** in. That first penetration when he enters me with is hot and hard d*** wrecks me every time. I have been seducing married men now for two years now and I do it the same way every time. I'll find a married man that I want to f*** and I will smile at him and literally tell him "he is so smart." The next time I see him, I will flirt with him a little and make sure to brush my b****** up against him in a nonchalant manner, acting like I don't know what I'm doing. That is my way of laying the ground work. From that point on, if there is ever an opportunity to be alone I will back him into a corner. If he has the b**** to make steady eye contact with me I know I have him... I tell these men that I have more to lose than than they do and I want to feel them inside of me. At that point I just grab their d*** and I let them know that I will never tell. I have only been turned down once. I have seduced six men this way. The first one was "by accident," but I came so many times I felt like I left my body. Now... just the thought of taking what is mine makes me wet. It does not matter who it is as long as he is relatively fit and married. As soon as he puts hid d*** inside of me I start coming like a machine gun. As long as this happens, I'm never gonna stop. I never f*** them twice. When I see them again, I act like nothing ever happened. I think it's the thrill of the conquest. I just came writing this post thinking about it.

Dec 31, 2015

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  • Give your life to Jesus & God. Sleeping with married men is is adultery and it is a violation of God’s law which will led you to eternal death in H***!!!

  • I just came reading this. I feel the same way. Even thinking about strange c*** makes me so wet and crazy that I have to touch my c*** til I explode. I don’t kniw how to find willing partners.

  • You should tell your husband after each conquest and see if he will go down on you. He may enjoy being a cuckold too:-)

  • One day you will find love. Sadly, you will not be loved in return. You will fall madly, deeply in love and feel connected on a spiritual level. But it will be in vain - you see dear, you have already decided to be something else.

  • I'm married and available to fill your c*** with s****

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