My boyfriend is terrible at fingering me. I have no idea how, but everytime, he somehow manages to make my c***, or the skin around it, bleed. I can't tell him though.
The really annoying bit is that I'm very good at what I do- how come he gets the good end of the deal??

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  • F*** that fingering bullshit!!
    Tell him to start licking instead.

  • "Men aren't much better as they get older, get used to it." Wow women aren't much better as they get older either as the cellulite forms and turns once beautiful figures into fat arses, thunder thighs and something you wouldn't f*** with someone else's d***........................hahahahaha

  • Men aren't much better as they get older, get used to it!

  • Get him some lotion for his hands. Soften them up.

    You could be hyper-sensitive too.

    More lube?

  • If you aren't willing to communicate what you want or feel, nothing is going to change. Besides, maybe you are NOT as good as you think either and he's just fantasizing about someone else to get off.

  • Gross! I would break up with him.

  • Tell us what you are good detail..with pictures.

  • How is not noticing making you bleed?
    Say something like 'Could you be a little more gentle?' or 'What you're doing is fine, but I like it when you do this [show him] better.'

  • Consider having his hand removed.

  • get rid of hangnails and cuticles

  • Make sure he cuts his fingernails, that's about the only way he could be cutting you.....

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