Why is everyone so perverted please god save our souls

Is there any solace in this world for someone to be a good person, we are surrounded by perversion, violence and pure evil! i want to be a good person i really really do but all of this conditioning is leading me into living in sin and it seems there is no way out!

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  • "surround yourself with Godly people"
    Yes! Please do! Spare the normal people your constant unintelligent blabbering.

  • Choose to avoid that stuff, turn the tv off when its not a good show, avoid certain things on the internet..msurround yourself with Godly people. You can choose that lifestyle, it'll take work but you can.

  • Funny, your confession reminds me of something that happened to me recently.

    I was walking to my mailbox when a woman pulled over in her car and started asking me directions to some street I'd never heard of. When I told her I couldn't help her she started crying uncontrollably. It was awkward as h*** so I just stood there. Finally, she just looks up at me and asks if I have a bathroom she can use. Well, I bring her back to my apartment and she's in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. When she comes out she looks a lot better and for the first time I see she's quite shapely. Bigger hips, large b****** and really sexy eyes.

    She starts explaining to me how she was on her way to meet some guy she'd been talking with on the internet. But it turned out the guy was all bullshit and she's driven to my town looking for an address that didn't exist.

    "You must think I'm such a loser," she said. She then tells me how she sent the guy all sorts of explicit photos of herself and I could see she was close to crying again. So I sit next to her and put my arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Then I ask her if she'd like some wine. She was eager for that and perked up again.

    I guess you know where this is headed, so I'll just jump to an hour or so later as we're shedding our clothes in the bedroom. It was dark but I could still see her b****** were incredible. I laid her down on the bed and buried my face in them as she stroked my c***. I was all fired up so I lifted her legs up and slipped off her panties and headed in for some licking but, yep, there was a small, erect c***.

    Totally f****** fooled me. And now I understood why the dude was playing her on the internet. He wanted to see a she male but not actually be with one.

    I played it pretty cool. Well, actually I sucked that c*** and licked the b**** pretty throughly, until I moved up and put my c*** in her mouth. She gave wicked head. Eventually, I was riding her ass hard, just f****** the s*** out of her and she was really getting off on it. After I dumped a big load up her ass I went back to sucking her off until she came and I swallowed it.

    So yes, you reminded me of that.

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