locker room

school starts tomorrow, and i am covered in ugly scabs from cutting. everyone will see in the locker room. people always do. everyone stares, but they never say anything.

i wonder what they'll say behind my back.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • buy a happy meal :)

  • Well, maybe that should be motivation to you to stop cutting yourself. I have never heard of this s*** until recently, how f****** retarded can you be to cut yourself. I mean, if I was mentally unstable, I would be cutting other people, but not myself. F****** spoiled white rich kids.

  • um, it's the LOCKER ROOM, i can't cover them up. they're on my thigh and the shirt is long enough to cover them.

  • What do you expect them to say "Hey there, were you in some kind of freak accident, or do you release your angers and frustrations by cutting yourself?"


    I think you like they way they stare or you would make sure to cover the scabs up.

    I used to be a cutter, and I still always make damn sure that my scars are totally covered up

  • Go to the nurse. Get a note to skip the lockers or something for 3 weeks. I dunno.

    Maybe it'll take public ridicule for you to smarten up and stay away form sharp things.

  • Maybe you should stop being such an emo loser and grow the h*** up and do something productive with your time instead of sitting around being depressed and cutting into yourself. Loser!

  • They'll call you a loser just like all the other losers who cut themselves.

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