Everyone cheats on everyone. If you’re being honest, we’ve all been unfaithful scum. But it’s human nature and it feels like society has made us lie about it.

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  • Wow, somebody's trying desperately to deflect their inability to control themselves. Typical males...

  • Yes it seems this way and I'm sorry you feel bad and hope that you will soon feel better. Hold on my friend hold on please. I care about people. Not everyone cheats. I forgave my husband then I divorced him cause he has no love in his heart. peace

  • I'm human and I enjoyed cheating on my wife. Why? Cause she cheated on me several times so I figured why not. Then I cheated on both my girlfriend and the wife with another woman. Cheating it's what we do. Some only think about it. Other like us cheaters act on impulse. I see a woman I like and so I pursue her till I get her. I have lots of fun and no one gets hurt really. Now I don't car if my wife cheats. No big deal. Stop making a big deal out of it. My name is Dave and I'm a serial cheater. I enjoy myself and the women I'm with do also. Just ask any off them. I make them feel alive and I take them places. Very enjoyable.

  • Amen brother I say cheat before they cheat on you. Women are all liars and cheaters. S**** em that's my motto. You are right on. I pray you bang more of them.

  • You need help sir I will ask God to forgive you and heal your broken heart. You said you cheated cause your wife did first. I pray for you both. God be with you.

  • Good luck with that, bible-beater. If your so-called god was effective, neither would have cheated in the first place. P.S.: You don't get brownie points for jeebus by ostentatiously declaring you'll praaaaay for people. That's something you god-bothers never, ever comprehend. It's sad...

  • I am human and have never cheated. Not against it, I just don't get it. Sure, the desire is there, but is the heartache and all the s*** worth getting off for a short time. Not for me, and that's why don't bother.

  • OP and all the cavemen/virgins agreeing with him haven't evolved. There are lots of people like you (and me) who don't cheat/resist cheating, but that's beyond their simple comprehension. You get a lot of that around here. I'm so glad they let stupid people breed-- that gives us more dumbasses to poke with a stick! :DD

  • I feel you are heart is wounded by unwanted things happening around you the fact of the matter is that you are not alone i assure you as i don't want to be human again

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