Was it being molested?

Is it still being molested if it was by other kids? When I was 5 years old, my neighbor "friend", who were in teir early teens, would often take me to differnt areas and touch me, fondle me, and ask me to do stuff to them. One was a boy the other was a girl. The girl would basically just have me drop down my pants and touch me. the boy would have me touch his p****. It continued for about 2 years or so until they moved away. I remember sometimes over hearing them and comparing their experiences about me... my privates, my underwear, where tey did what they did. I just cannot believe i never stopped it. The girl felt good, so I let it happen. The boy though, it always felt wrong I never told anybody.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Molestation is done by an adult and not by a child when the victim is a child.

  • I was raped at 3 by a 13 year old...and molested there after...yes, if you don't have the ability to say yes and someone touches you in a sexual manner...yes it is molestation

  • Get help. It can give you a good life.

  • I understand what you mean. I was fondled by a couple of males in my kindergarten class. It bothered me, but I thought that's what's supposed to happen when boys like you, but they always treated me terribly by making fun of me. I thought that if I told someone they wouldn't believe me or think I was dirty.

  • I'd say the age difference and your innocence where they already should know about the body parts in a sexual nature. It would make it lean heavily towards molestation. It wasn't basic curiosity that some kids have. Shame on them.

  • It is still molestation, especially if it made you uncomfortable.

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