I wanna be A lady gaga!!

HAHA, but seriously. I'm a girl, and i want to become a boy. If I do that, will they give me a full working p**** and everything? Because i hate being a girl and being judged. I want to be a boy. I want to be in the body I was supposed to be in.

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  • They can make you look and feel all man.... but it takes a great deal of time, money and you have to be checked out and live as a man for a certain amount of time before any doctor will work on you. Do you want to be a man because you don't like yourself and you think that will help? or is it you felt like you should have been a boy? Don't rush into anything and try talking to people that love you

  • Help me to understand why you want to be a boy. I am a guy and I love women, all of them. I find females facisnating in every way. I am married to a good woman and I love her with every ounce of my being. I would ask you to embrace your feminity. Be every part of a woman and love every minute of it.

  • I am the same way. It's called being transgender. I'm 17. message me at infearandjake on AIM and we can talk about it? Don't worry I'm not some creep.

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