Wife dared me

My wife is very playful and flirty. She shows her t*** to friends and family. She moons friends and family. She tells friends and family details about times when we have s**. She even told a gay friend of hers that I like to eat her ass out.

A couple weeks ago she had a gay friend over. No big deal. She has lots of gay friends. At once point it wed starting to get late. I asked openly and out loud when we were going to wrap it up because I wanted alone time. She shrugged it off. Another hour and a few more drinks and I got bolder. I said out in the open that I was h**** and wanted to get her naked. Her gay friend mentioned being h**** as well but didn't have anyone to go home to. Another hour I say, "Honey, it's getting late and I want to have s**."

She playfully says, "You are h****. Brad is h****. You could do each other." We all laughed. She said, "So you wouldn't?" I said, "Well, I AM married to YOU." She said, "So?" I said, "Well, doesn't that mean I'm into women?" She said, "Meh, we are all friends here. I wouldn't get mad." I said, "Yeah right. I'll pass." She said, "Tell you what. I dare you." I said, "Dare me what?" She said, "I dare you to suck brad's c***." I laughed and said, "Yeah right. Anyway." She said, "You suck his d*** and I'll let you f*** me in the ass." I say, "Seriously?" She said, "I swear." I say, "Deal."

I get up and go to Brad who is in a chair. I take off his shorts. I get on my knees and start sucking his d***. She said, "holy s***. You really are doing it!"



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  • Each to their own :) But I personally wouldn't let anyone,f*** my arsehole.
    No matter,how much I love them.

  • Sounds sexy to me, wish my wife would do this

  • I don't need p**** that bad!

  • You need to get her to lick p**** now

  • Did you f*** her a***?

  • Not that night but the following one, yep. That night Brad and I ended up sucking each other off in front of my wife

  • Did she like it as much as you ducking her friend off. Id love my wife to dare me to do that

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