I love anime/manga/manwha/manhua. i just love them all, cant get enough of them. and for all of those people talking crap about them, dont hate it till you try it. i truly think the creators of these are something else, above and beyond the normal person, to come out with something so magnificent.

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  • I love toddlercon and lolicon.

  • Troll

  • I wish there was more manga and anime about jews, and native americans, and african americans.there is a little bit about native americans on dragon ball.but i wish there was more than that.

  • Gundam seed,gundam seed astray,or gundam wing.or gundam unicorn.or gundam seed destiny.or just the first gundam series.which gundam show anime was the best of all time.and which gundam show sucked the badest.and why did the games of gundam suck so badley.i am glad the ps3 ended its plans for more gundam games on its console.which gundam was the best gundam show?

  • I used to be a big pokemon fan,but after dawn left ash ketchum forever.i stoped watching pokemon all together.i lost hope.

  • Lol thats funny i used to watch pokemon all the time but when it let regular tv and went to cable( which i didnt have at the time) i stopped and when i was able to watch it again it just didnt seem the same. but you do know pokemon is not the only anime out there.

  • Manga is alot better than anime,i will never choose anime over manga,there is more to see on manga,anime sucks big time.astro boy rules,and little nemo is the best comic strip.

  • Sometimes that is true and sometimes not, if the anime looks better i ll watch it but if the manga seems better i ll read that, and sometimes i do both.

  • I feel the same way! At my school there is a huge group of anime/manga/manwha/manhua lovers and some of them became my best friends just because we liked the same manga. I agree that the people who put so much time into creating it are truly amazing! Wow so glad you posted ^_^

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