I regret that...

Don't know if this is a confession, but I do regret about this. On a certain message board, I started a thread about feeling that a friend is treating me as a life-buoy by asking me to do her small projects for her job. I also wrote that I felt like a time-filler when her boyfriend does not have time for her. I wrote that she should rethink on the relationship since he is a married man. After 1.5 years, she found out about this and felt 'betrayed' since I am telling her stories to the whole world - but I did not give names, not even hinted. Well, she is now *very* upset...I felt I have done something wrong, very wrong.

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  • You didn't name names or specifics, if she feels that the shoe fits then that's just her conscience telling her to straighten the h*** up.

  • F*** her. She is a w**** anyway.

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