Faking It

I'm starting to think that maybe all the times when I thought God was communicating with me, every time I felt all warm and fuzzy while praying, every time I was moved to tears by a hymn or whatever, every time I felt close to Jesus . . . were all just my imagination.

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  • Watch Derren Brown's "Messiah"(it's on YouTube). He's an atheist, and to prove his point that the power of expectation can create those feeling from nothing, he converts and entire room of a dozen atheists into theists with just a single touch. They were de-converted afterwards, but the emotions may come from god, may not. It could be a supernatural being telling you he loves you, but it could just as well be your own mind.

  • He/she is very right.

  • I did not mean to say that I am a devot Catholic and it went on to the wrong comment this person is very wrong and speaks alot of heresy and needs to stop.

  • It wasn't just your imagination! It was the Holy Sprit, Satan is jealous, and what you have just mentioned is one of his oldest tricks. Satan's a liar, he's the father of lies, he lies to all of us, but he saves his best techniques for us believers, please don't listen to him, God is real, he gave his only son to die on a cross for you and me, and all those feelings were real, don't worry :)

    PS: Atheism is a fabrication of weak people, they're too afraid to admit that there's Somebody who is more powerful than a mere human, and that we humans are so small compared to the magnificence of God.

  • You are very right. I am a very devot Catholic and I think this person is Catholic as well wich would mean she is right.

  • They were real, those feelings. Your belief was making you feel those things. But God and Jesus are the fabrications of weak people.

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